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I found a website called is a piece from their site (in part). Medithin online review Real Food Doesn’t Need An Association (my response to the corn refiners association debacle) By Shannon on October 26, medithin online review 2010 If a food is inherently nourishing to the body then would it need to be defended by an association with multi-million dollar companies residing as the board of directors? That’s the question I asked when I read about the Corn Refiners Association’s attempts to persuade consumers, medithin online review through "mommy" bloggers, medithin online review that their products really aren’t so bad after all. If you read the comments on Diana’s post you will find some interesting tidbits from the corn refiners themselves. Medithin online review (Honestly, medithin online review this has me steaming mad. Medithin online review I will restrain myself from posting every single sentence in caps, medithin online review but just know that I am yelling at the top of my lungs here.) Obesity Is Our Fault… If We Believe Their Propaganda Therese, medithin online review who writes at the Sweet Spot Blog says: "Obesity has also been correlated with our portion sizes; secondly there are more factors to obesity than simply the food we eat.   For example, medithin online review in the past 35 years, medithin online review daily calorie intake for the average American has risen 25%." Besides the fact that she never addresses the question at hand, medithin online review I think she might be right. Medithin online review What she is trying to say is that it is not the Corn Refiners fault that we are fat and unhealthy, medithin online review it is our fault. Medithin online review I agree, medithin online review if we purchase their products then we are sick and fat by our own ignorance. If an association uses the word "Refiner" in the title, medithin online review why would you believe that they are promoting a healthy product? The farming practices and the type of corn grown have been selected and genetically modified to produce THE MAXIMUM YIELD. Medithin online review (Note I did not say nutrients or flavor). If you head over to the CRA’s website they’ll let you know what kind of "food" they really are producing: "Corn refiners use shelled corn which has been stripped from the cob during harvesting. Medithin online review Refiners separate the corn into its components — starch, medithin online review oil, medithin online review protein and fiber — and convert them into higher value products." (source) Sounds like a delicious, medithin online review nourishing whole food doesn’t it? Corn Farmers Feeding The World? When we move down in the comments Cassandra, medithin online review who also writes at the Sweet Spot Blog, medithin online review says: "Coming from a fifth generation family farm in rural Minnesota…. Medithin online review My family understands that our job, medithin online review in production agriculture, medithin online review is about feeding the world." Notice how she said they were in the "production agriculture" business, medithin online review not the (ahem) farming/growing food business. Medithin online review And lets be real here… is production agriculture about feeding the world or is it about keeping a wealthy, medithin online review but sick nation in cheap CAFO meats and an endless supply of coca cola and chicken nuggets?  To read the rest of the article: