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Another Woman Who Rocked - Margaret Mead Postscript to September 11--What would Margaret Mead Say? William O. Metabo 925 free delivery Beeman Excerpts: "Few Americans today realize that anthropologist Margaret Mead, metabo 925 free delivery the most famous social scientist of the 20th Century, metabo 925 free delivery was also one of the most profound commentators on war and America's response to violence. It is appropriate to ask what she would say about the attacks of September 11 and the Bush administration's war on terrorism if she were alive today. The short answer is that she would have some deep insights into why we are fighting in the first place, metabo 925 free delivery and suggest that we become aware that our cultural tendencies can work both for us and against us. She would also urge Americans to start planning for a post-war era in which we envision co-existence with our opponents even as the conflict continues. The need to work toward a world without war in which all humans have a stake was paramount in Mead's philosophy. "Those who still cling to the old, metabo 925 free delivery simple definition of patriotism have not yet recognized that since Hiroshima there cannot be winners and losers in a war, metabo 925 free delivery but only losers. Metabo 925 free delivery And they are vocal out of desperation about a world they do not understand." Mead's challenge to Americans to cherish the cultures of the world was also a challenge to cherish our own, metabo 925 free delivery but to have the courage to change when our cultural tendencies become dysfunctional. Metabo 925 free delivery Facing this task may be more formidable than any foreign military operation we could ever devise. Metabo 925 free delivery "  More of William Beeman's article can be found at: