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Why doesn't Clinton care about my jailed husband? Janan Abdu /The Electronic Intifada Janan Abdu with her two daughters outside a closed-door hearing on her husband Ameer Makhoul's arrest, mexitil in us 12 May 2010. Mexitil in us I used to tell my husband, mexitil in us Ameer Makhoul, mexitil in us "One day, mexitil in us they'll come for you." As chairman of the Public Committee for the Protection of Political Freedoms he'd begun to organize an awareness-raising campaign to push back against the security services' harassment of our community, mexitil in us the Palestinian citizens of Israel. Come for Ameer they did, mexitil in us late one night this May, mexitil in us pounding at our door, mexitil in us ransacking our house and terrifying our two teenage daughters. Mexitil in us And now I've joined the ranks of Palestinian prisoners' wives, mexitil in us many thousands of us from the occupied territories as well as within Israel. Mexitil in us His 13 July hearing -- persecution really -- could begin the legal nightmare that ruptures our family for many years. Mexitil in us This is the likely course of events unless Ameer gets a fair trial and his coerced statements are rejected or suppressed by the court. "Democracies don't fear their own people, mexitil in us" Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in her 3 July speech in Poland at the 10th anniversary meeting of the Community of Democracies. Mexitil in us "They recognize that citizens must be free to come together to advocate and agitate." But the head of Israel's General Security Services said three years ago that Palestinian citizens' organizational efforts for equality constitute a "strategic threat, mexitil in us" even if pursued by lawful means. That's not how democracy works. Mexitil in us We may be a minority of 20 percent, mexitil in us but our rights to organize and insist on full equality and civil rights ought to be sacrosanct. Mexitil in us That's what our entire community believes. Mexitil in us The Public Committee that Ameer chaired was established within the framework of the High Follow-up Committee for the Arab Citizens of Israel, mexitil in us the community's overall coordinating body. Mexitil in us It's a vital position and the leading organization protecting our civil rights. And now he faces the most serious charges leveled against a Palestinian citizen of Israel since the creation of the state in 1948. Mexitil in us He is accused of being a spy (for the Lebanese militant group Hizballah) and having contact with a foreign agent. Mexitil in us His trial will likely last for months. After his arrest, mexitil in us Ameer was held incommunicado for 21 days and tortured. Mexitil in us Then Israeli officials pressed their charges, mexitil in us based on the "confession" he made during this time, mexitil in us when he was deprived of sleep, mexitil in us shackled in a painful position to a small chair and not allowed to see his lawyers. Ameer denies all charges. Mexitil in us As he said in his first letter from Gilboa Prison, mexitil in us he was "forced to explain to them in a very detailed way how exactly I did what I didn't do, mexitil in us ever." And if the prosecution needs any more information to make its case, mexitil in us all they have to do is use "so-called secret evidence, mexitil in us which my lawyers and I have no legal right to know about." Clinton's Krakow speech focused on civil society: Ameer is a civil society activist. Mexitil in us He directs Ittijah, mexitil in us the Union of Arab-Based Community Associations -- a coalition that brings together 84 nongovernmental organizations. Mexitil in us Clinton criticized several governments by name -- but not Israel -- for intimidation and assassination of activists. Mexitil in us Why does America's drive to promote human rights stop at Israel's door? Throughout his life, mexitil in us Ameer has struggled for the rights of the Palestinian citizens of Israel -- there are more than 35 laws on the books that discriminate against us -- as well as those of the Palestinian people overall. Mexitil in us He has the ability to lead and to convene diverse viewpoints, mexitil in us bringing them together across sect and ideology. Mexitil in us His ability to network locally, mexitil in us at the Arab level, mexitil in us and internationally, mexitil in us coupled with his clear strategic vision -- this is what Israel is trying to silence. The youth also look to him for leadership, mexitil in us which infuriates the Israeli security services. Mexitil in us They told Ameer so when they hauled him in for questioning during our community's protests against Israel's assault on Gaza in December 2008-January 2009. During that interrogation they threatened to put him away if he kept up his activism, mexitil in us saying, mexitil in us "We can 'disappear' you. Mexitil in us You should know that the next time we bring you in you will not see your family again for a long time." The few times we've been allowed to visit him thick glass has separated us and our meetings were taped. Mexitil in us Ameer asked me for a copy of my new book to read in jail, mexitil in us but they wouldn't let me even take him that. Mexitil in us My daughters really miss their father. Mexitil in us They often say, mexitil in us "If only we'd been able to hug him before they took him away." That's one of the things that hurts them most, mexitil in us not being able to hug their father. Mexitil in us To read the rest of the article go to:’s-wife/