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Why are the police are using armored vehicles in Pennsylvania against citizens?  Associated Press After six people were shot in the city's Homewood neighborhood in less than 24 hours, motrin overnight delivery Pittsburgh police rolled in with a 20-ton armored truck with a blast-resistant body, motrin overnight delivery armored rotating roof hatch and gunports. No guns or drugs were seized and no arrests made during the sweep in the $250, motrin overnight delivery000 armored vehicle, motrin overnight delivery paid for with Homeland Security money. Motrin overnight delivery But the show of force sent a message. Whether it was the right message is a matter of debate. With scores of police agencies large and small, motrin overnight delivery from Lexington, motrin overnight delivery Ky., motrin overnight delivery to Austin, motrin overnight delivery Texas, motrin overnight delivery buying armored vehicles at Homeland Security expense, motrin overnight delivery some criminal justice experts warn that their use in fighting everyday crime could do more harm than good and represents a post-9/11, motrin overnight delivery militaristic turn away from the more cooperative community-policing approach promoted in the 1990s.   When the armored truck moved through the Homewood neighborhood late last year, motrin overnight delivery residents came out of their homes to take a look. Motrin overnight delivery Some were offended."This is really the containment of crime, motrin overnight delivery not the elimination, motrin overnight delivery because to eliminate it you have to address some of the social problems, motrin overnight delivery" complained Rashad Byrdsong, motrin overnight delivery a community activist. Law enforcement agencies say the growing use of the vehicles, motrin overnight delivery a practice that also has its defenders in the academic field of criminal justice, motrin overnight delivery helps ensure police have the tools they need to deal with hostage situations, motrin overnight delivery heavy gunfire and acts of terrorism. But police are also putting the equipment to more routine use, motrin overnight delivery such as the delivering to warrants to suspects believed to be armed. "We live on being prepared for `what if?'" said Pittsburgh Sgt. Motrin overnight delivery Barry Budd, motrin overnight delivery a memer of the SWAT team. Critics say that the appearance of armored vehicles in high-crime neighborhoods may only increase tensions by making residents feel as if they are under siege. Most departments do not have "a credible, motrin overnight delivery justifiable reason for buying these kinds of vehicles, motrin overnight delivery" but find them appealing because they "tap into that subculture within policing that finds the whole military special-operations model culturally intoxicating, motrin overnight delivery" said Peter Kraska, motrin overnight delivery a professor at Eastern Kentucky University and an expert on police militarization. Motrin overnight delivery The military-style approach "runs a high risk of being very counterproductive. "  One of the many reasons our beloved Administration appears to be harassing and targeting me and others……..   Because we need to protect ourselves against the abuse. From a poster at Democratic Underground: <<Jesus Christ! They need to ship that truck to Iraq and not have it 'on hand' to use AGAINST US citizens. Motrin overnight delivery This is not good, motrin overnight delivery and I thought tasers were bad. Motrin overnight delivery >> This is a reply of many citizens. Motrin overnight delivery It is a thought of "us ageinst them", motrin overnight delivery which is a convenient excuse to dismiss the facts.Many citizens don't realize that what is happening there is in fact, motrin overnight delivery happening HERE........ My reply to the poster: This type abuse is only used to steal and to rob others of what is rightfully theres to begin with. Motrin overnight delivery The Iraqis are like us. They have been taken hostage as we have. Motrin overnight delivery It is up to us, motrin overnight delivery MUCH MORE THAN THE IRAQIS, motrin overnight delivery to fight back, motrin overnight delivery while we have the chance. Motrin overnight delivery In truth, motrin overnight delivery we all know the Iraqis have no chance really now, motrin overnight delivery there infrastucture, motrin overnight delivery LIKE ours is currently being attacked. Motrin overnight delivery Their infrastructure has been so decimated they have no foundation with which to fight back legitimately or at this point realistically - They have been sitting ducks, motrin overnight delivery like we are now increasingly sitting ducks. If we don't stand up now, motrin overnight delivery to our overzealous military bullying might, motrin overnight delivery then we may meet the same vulnerability. Motrin overnight delivery Although keep in mind it was instigated not by citizens but by our own governing bodies who required our trusting citizens to fight a war which was not honest and not legitimate. Motrin overnight delivery In addition, motrin overnight delivery Americans need to wake up to the quiet militarized assault on us. Motrin overnight delivery They are quietly militarizing behind the scenes, motrin overnight delivery and not so quietly through private militarized companies here, motrin overnight delivery and they are often using 'natural disasters' with which to do this. Motrin overnight delivery For more information, motrin overnight delivery research Katrina and New Orleans. Motrin overnight delivery What else can one conclude at the continuous assaults and deaths of those trying to do the right thing? At this point, motrin overnight delivery people must be prepared to take arms in preparation against those who have caused such needless harm in Iraq and here as well, motrin overnight delivery because they are quite clearly preparing to take arms with us. Motrin overnight delivery We must wake up to the reality that is happening here and must speak to others about the abuse being inflicted under the radar.Before it is too late for Americans to protect ourselves. Motrin overnight delivery More at: