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Photo Essay from Desert Peace Despite Harassment, no rx altace Jews continue to say NOT IN OUR NAME

Commentary by Chippy Dee, no rx altace Photos © by Bud Korotzer

"Earlier this week, no rx altace during the period that the Jewish new year was being celebrated, no rx altace often a time of reflection, no rx altace ‘Jews Say No’ had a quiet demonstration on New York’s upper west side. No rx altace The participants carried signs saying that they were against the ongoing siege of Gaza, no rx altace the separation wall, no rx altace and the occupation.

They pointed out that “the Israeli government claims to speak and act on behalf of Jews everywhere, no rx altace but all over the world Jews are saying: “NO, no rx altace NOT IN OUR NAME”.

The response of the many people passing by was varied. No rx altace

Many thanked us for being there, no rx altace many gave us a thumbs-up, no rx altace some glared in disbelief, no rx altace a few argued, no rx altace and a couple told us we should all be ashamed of ourselves. No rx altace At one point a car stopped and 2 men jumped out. No rx altace

One started screaming that our grandparents were turning over in their graves, no rx altace we must want another holocaust, no rx altace and why don’t we all go live with Ahmedinejad. No rx altace

One of our group told him she had learned about justice as a child in Hebrew school and he demanded to know what Hebrew school she went to. No rx altace

As his anger and frustration level grew he became physical, no rx altace grabbing a sign from one demonstrator, no rx altace leaflets from another, no rx altace and throwing the torn leaflet at yet another. No rx altace

Another demonstration is being planned for about 2 weeks from now. No rx altace

All participants believed that the response of the public was more positive than it had ever been before."
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