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Cadre of Government Agencies Move Forward with Eminent Domain Seizure of Malibu Beachfront Property By LA County Examiner, no rx avandia Martin Hill The classy Beau Rivage Mediterranean Restaurant is located at 26025 Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu The California Transportation Commission, no rx avandia along with the the National Park Service and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, no rx avandia plans to move ahead and seize a portion of the property of a restaurant under the pretext of helping steelhead strout swim upstream. Daniel Forge and his wife Luciana, no rx avandia who have owned the beautiful Beau Rivage Restaurant in Malibu for over 30 years. The Transportation Commission hearing, no rx avandia which had been slated for October 14 and 15 in San Diego, no rx avandia apparently went through without a hitch. No rx avandia Forge did not attend the hearing, no rx avandia and I spoke with him by phone in November regarding the issue. "I didnt go to the hearing", no rx avandia Forge said, no rx avandia adding that he had spoken to an attorney to try and see if he could work with the commission instead. No rx avandia "You can't work with these people; they want to take it, no rx avandia they'll take it", no rx avandia he said. "Even at the hearing, no rx avandia they said they're going ahead with it." Olivia Damavandi at the CALIFORNIA EMINENT DOMAIN LAW BLOG reported on 9/23/09 that the agency "wants to take the property in order to remove existing fish barriers in Solstice Creek, no rx avandia which runs through part of the property, no rx avandia and implement “fish ladders”- structures that help the natural migration of the fish-to allow the fish to swim upstream of the parking area of the restaurantʼs property, no rx avandia located near the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Corral Canyon Road." Damavandi also noted Forge's complaint that "the project will handicap his business by eliminating significant parking space and by shutting down the north entrance of five-acre the property". A month after the hearing, no rx avandia Forge explained the absurdity of the government motives of wanting to protect "the steelhead strout in that stream that doesn't have a drop of water in it". No rx avandia He added "It's just a drainage canal, no rx avandia it's polluted. No rx avandia no pubic sewer." Forge had accommodated the "environmental" agency for nearly a year before their attempted land grab. No rx avandia "They were on our property parking ther equipment for 8 or 9 months", no rx avandia tagging California Oak Trees, no rx avandia he said, no rx avandia adding they would "tag all the trees which were six inches or diameter or more". Forge, no rx avandia an immigrant from France, no rx avandia didn't want to concede his land, no rx avandia but mounting a legal battle would be costly. Government, no rx avandia on the other hand, no rx avandia has seemingly limitless resources, no rx avandia garnered by fleecing state residents and taxpayers every conceivable way they can. A search of the website listing state salaries revealed that a mere four members of the "Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy" earned nearly half a million dollars salary combined in a single year. No rx avandia $372, no rx avandia469 was the combined salary of only four of the people employed by the State of California agency that is spearheading the seizure of an entrepreneur restaurant beachfront property. Some other eminent domain cases that garnered a lot of media attention in southern California in recent years were the case of a church in Long Beach , no rx avandia Rod's Grill in Arcadia which was set to be demolished for expansion of a car dealership, no rx avandia and the recent ongoing case in Seal Beach, no rx avandia California, no rx avandia where the city wants to seize a beachfront property, no rx avandia purportedly under the guise of a beach access road.  The original article can be found at: