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World Cup 2010: What We Learned About Ourselves and the World David Henry Sterry                                                                                                     "Limp as a junkie after a month-long binge, no rx dilantin I bid a fond adieu to World Cup 2010, no rx dilantin glad to get back to my life, no rx dilantin but sad to see the party's over. No rx dilantin The world is in so much trouble these days, no rx dilantin it was great to take a month's semi-respite from worrying about oil-slicked birds, no rx dilantin bailout billions going to Wall Street billionaires while John Q. No rx dilantin Public and his family on Main Street USA get evicted from their home, no rx dilantin and why we're still knee-deep in the longest, no rx dilantin stupidest war in our history. No rx dilantin But I find it prudent to take a moment after a massive blowout party to take stock of myself, no rx dilantin have a good long look at the man in the mirror, no rx dilantin and reflect on what I've learned about myself, no rx dilantin the world, no rx dilantin and the connection between the two. South Africa, no rx dilantin The Country Beautiful beaming faces, no rx dilantin shining bright eyes, no rx dilantin warm welcoming arms, no rx dilantin and a crazy kaleidoscope of color bursting everywhere with ecstatic celebration of this booming Rainbow Nation. No rx dilantin World Cup 2010 put South Africa on the map as the Olympics did for China. No rx dilantin And they weren't scary about it. No rx dilantin They know how to party, no rx dilantin and they have the infrastructure. No rx dilantin I wish I had gone. No rx dilantin It's now on my to do list: Go to South Africa."  The rest of the article can be found at: