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The Democratic Party and the Infantile Omnipotence of The Ruling Class. democrats_jackass  BY PHIL ROCKSTROH | Why did the Democratic Congress betray the voting public? Betrayal is often a consequence of wishful thinking. It’s the world’s way of delivering the life lesson that it’s time to shed the vanity of one’s innocence and grow-the-hell-up. Apropos, no rx evista here’s lesson number one for political innocents: Power serves the perpetuation of power. In an era of runaway corporate capitalism, no rx evista the political elite exist to serve the corporate elite. No rx evista It’s that simple.Why do the elites lie so brazenly? Ironically, no rx evista because they believe they’re entitled to, no rx evista by virtue of their superior sense of morality. How did they come to this arrogant conclusion?Because they think they’re better than us. If they believe in anything at all, no rx evista it is this:They view us as a reeking collection of wretched, no rx evista baseborn rabble, no rx evista who are, no rx evista on an individual level, no rx evista a few billion neurons short of being governable by honest means.Yes, no rx evista you read that correctly: They believe they’re better than you.When they lie and flout the rules and assert that the rule of law doesn’t apply to them or refuse to impeach fellow members of their political and social class who break the law — it is because they have convinced themselves it is best for society as a whole.How did they come by such self-serving convictions? The massive extent of their privilege has convinced them that they’re the quintessence of human virtue, no rx evista that they’re the most gifted of all golden children ever kissed by the radiant light of the sun. In other words, no rx evista they’re the worst sort of emotionally arrested brats — spoiled children inhabiting adult bodies who mistake their feelings of infantile omnipotence for the benediction of superior ability: “I’m so special that what’s good for me is good for the world, no rx evista” amounts to the sum total of their childish creed.  More thought provoking words and writings at: