No Rx Seroquel

Desperado (for Henry David Thoreau)  By Viola Ransel It is moral courage makes the woman or man. Conversely, no rx seroquel physical courage is quite common. While he has never had the moral courage to take a stand against “might makes right” itself, no rx seroquel the same man, no rx seroquel raised never to restrain himself from resorting to force as a first, no rx seroquel and only, no rx seroquel option, no rx seroquel still finds himself hailed a hero in an inversion of moral law. And the woman with the courage to live outside the confines of the kitchen, no rx seroquel the bedroom and the nursery still faces a lingering label of perversion, no rx seroquel seen as usurping man’s rightful place at the apex of the pyramid of oppression. Woman or man, no rx seroquel to take a stand outside the boundaries, no rx seroquel to color outside the lines of the stick figure confines of the rigid roles prescribed for male and female inmates of capitalist culture’s insane asylum runs the risk of committing cultural suicide. Girly men. FemiNazis. Real men don’t cry, no rx seroquel have hearts or any emotions, no rx seroquel while real women have been defined by only those obvious displays of devotion. Lonely is the individual who dares to live as an outlaw outside the ordinary where character insists consistently on the courage to be contrary. “It is curious - curious that physical courage should be so common in the world, no rx seroquel and moral courage so rare.” - Mark Twain More terrific writing by Violet Ransel and : Poet and part-time actor Viola Ransel is a Senior Contributing Editor with CJO.