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How Media Creates Legend And Myth, no rx zanaflex and why no one benefits....                                          A few days ago while doing my usual surfing, no rx zanaflex I came across an article that brilliantly described what I've wanted to express myself but never had the adequate words. Being that the article so accurately reveals how conditioned we've become towards believing a commercial media machine which continues to lie/ disinform public audiences on a daily basis, no rx zanaflex I thought I'd post the piece in part below. No rx zanaflex The rest of the article is at the link provided. As the media continues to utilize and expand its methods of targeting any person, no rx zanaflex place or thing "it" chooses to demonize, no rx zanaflex destroy or assassinate (or all of the above) via it's tabloid style assaults/bombardments, no rx zanaflex is it really any different than a war which uses other forms of weaponry?  Through the endless coverage and character assaults being directed at individuals like Tiger Wood's, no rx zanaflex along with multitudes of other individuals being thrown under the bus and into the spotlight of unending scrutiny and thinly disguised hatred, no rx zanaflex it makes one wonder if all the media has simply become an instrument to promote, no rx zanaflex canonize and conversely destroy those when and if they deem necessary?  Is it just me or does anyone else see the damage this can create on so many levels? Certainly on a larger and more political scale, no rx zanaflex it wasn't too long ago the drums were being beaten loudly and consistently on every media network available for the call to invade Iraq.  I remember how many times a day I heard what a "bad bad" man Saddam Hussein was.  Do you remember? It became a media made mantra, no rx zanaflex as if to intentionally silence and shame into submission any realm of room for dialog and/or objectivity. No rx zanaflex   Because of such a media campaign and barrage, no rx zanaflex and like so many other scenarios played out prior to the Iraq invasion, no rx zanaflex it soon became crystal clear there was no room for any other discussion, no rx zanaflex perception or reasoning other than what a "bad bad" man he was. No rx zanaflex  Saddam Hussein may in fact have been very much the "bad bad" man we were told he was daily. No rx zanaflex   However those proposing what a "bad bad" man he was, no rx zanaflex also had a huge amount invested in taking our troops and our tax dollars into Iraq.  In hindsight, no rx zanaflex I believe most of us can now see how that turned out.  Saddam Hussein is no longer a part of the equation and has exited the screen so to speak. No rx zanaflex   Who are the "bad bad" people now? Additionally who is responsible for the horrific display of injustice and tragedy which sadly continues in Iraq to this day?   Are these in effect the same individuals (via different players) beating the same music towards Iran?  Additionally if what has happened in Iraq is being defined as Democracy, no rx zanaflex then I can't imagine any one of us who would want to endure the outcome given to those who have survived such "Democratization" in Iraq. No rx zanaflex   I hope it will be sooner than later that we as Americans and citizens everywhere will have the insight and wisdom to begin to more effectively question the veracity of all information being promoted, no rx zanaflex dispelled and dispensed to us via our Media conglomerates.   I write this not because I have the answers. No rx zanaflex   I write this because I believe we are continually and consistently being given wrong information and distortions with an apparent agenda, no rx zanaflex which neither benefits or encourages healthy or critical thinking.  Not to mention how such information, no rx zanaflex or lack of accurate information is effecting us financially.  I hope we'll look less to the television and look more to others for better communication and understanding of what is happening in our communities and our world. I think I'll leave it there for now.   Read on.  xoxo What Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahri Do All Day, no rx zanaflex or Why I Cannot Talk About Politics With My Father I have finally come to understand why I cannot talk about politics, no rx zanaflex terrorism or international relations with my father, no rx zanaflex not that it matters much, no rx zanaflex except as a glimpse of a much larger phenomenon. It's not just my father. No rx zanaflex I can't talk about politics or terrorism or world affairs with anyone who has lived his or her entire life under the great umbrella of American propaganda. They have insulated themselves under an enormous web of lies, no rx zanaflex and hidden themselves away from actual knowledge of their nation and its role in the world, no rx zanaflex both of which they see dimly, no rx zanaflex if at all: the world as a dark, no rx zanaflex dangerous, no rx zanaflex mysterious place, no rx zanaflex and their nation as the best of all nations -- nay, no rx zanaflex the best of all possible nations. They have been content to collect the scraps tossed their way by the American War Machine, no rx zanaflex although they would never call it that. No rx zanaflex Nor would they ever consider themselves in any way complicit in America's endless war on the rest of the world, no rx zanaflex a war they never even acknowledge. It's a war waged on multiple planes, no rx zanaflex of which the military, no rx zanaflex being the bloodiest, no rx zanaflex is easily the most visible. No rx zanaflex And it didn't start last week, no rx zanaflex or last year, no rx zanaflex or even eight years ago. It's been going on all their lives -- or since they were little kids. No rx zanaflex For an ever-increasing percentage of America's population, no rx zanaflex it's always been there. Like the land, no rx zanaflex the sea and the sky, no rx zanaflex it's the backdrop against which their lives take place. Only a fool would question the sea and sky. ... No rx zanaflex or the notion that the American War Machine should be what it is, no rx zanaflex and is what it should be. Except that it's not true. No rx zanaflex None of it is true. No rx zanaflex And even worse -- they know it's not true. As long as every little lie stays in place, no rx zanaflex the umbrella stands, no rx zanaflex so to speak: the big lies remain sacred, no rx zanaflex so to speak. No rx zanaflex But once you start to pull and tug, no rx zanaflex and separate one lie from another, no rx zanaflex and expose them to the light of knowledge and reason ... No rx zanaflex well, no rx zanaflex that's where it gets intolerable. And I guess I just love to pull and tug. I came to this moderately interesting conclusion in the hospital room where I've been spending most of my weekends lately, no rx zanaflex sitting there with my father and reading the newspaper he read before I arrived. He's so far from where I grew up that I have no connection with any of the local stories: I read them as if they were field reports from places I may never hear of again, no rx zanaflex much less visit. One week there was a story about a guy who took some construction equipment and started blazing a trail through a state park. No rx zanaflex One week there was a story about a new McDonald's opening in one of the suburbs. No rx zanaflex This weekend there was a story about a schoolteacher who was sitting alone in her classroom doing paperwork when a buck burst through the window. You just never know what you'll find in the local news, no rx zanaflex but all the stories share a common feature: they're verifiable. No rx zanaflex I could go see the damage to the park. No rx zanaflex I could eat at the new fast food restaurant. No rx zanaflex And I could visit the school, no rx zanaflex admire the new window, no rx zanaflex and meet the teacher who hid under her desk. I haven't actually done any of these things, no rx zanaflex and it's not likely that I ever would. No rx zanaflex But I could. No rx zanaflex You could. No rx zanaflex Anyone could. No rx zanaflex And the same is true of virtually all the local news: you can't predict what you'll find, no rx zanaflex but you can certainly check it out. On the other hand, no rx zanaflex with world news, no rx zanaflex and often with national politics, no rx zanaflex it's just the opposite. No rx zanaflex What there is to read -- what my father reads every day, no rx zanaflex and what's he's been reading for his entire adult life -- is utterly predictable, no rx zanaflex and completely unverifiable. No rx zanaflex And therefore, no rx zanaflex he doesn't have any reason not to believe it -- unless I start talking. I've just had dental surgery and I wasn't doing much talking this weekend. No rx zanaflex But that's another story -- and one I'll spare you. I've read a lot of predictable, no rx zanaflex unverifiable, no rx zanaflex manure over the years, no rx zanaflex but I have never seen it more concentrated and hilarious than in Sebastian Rotella's most recent piece in the Los Angeles Times. Entitled "Setbacks weaken Al Qaeda's ability to mount attacks, no rx zanaflex terrorism officials say", no rx zanaflex it had me laughing so hard that I've preserved it for posterity at my "other blog". I happened to read Sebastian Rotella's newest masterpiece, no rx zanaflex not because it was in the paper in my dad's room, no rx zanaflex but because it set off my Google News Alert with its mention of Rashid Rauf. No rx zanaflex As long-time readers will remember, no rx zanaflex I wrote extensively about Rashid Rauf and the so-called Liquid Bombers, no rx zanaflex beginning in August of 2006 when they were arrested, no rx zanaflex and continuing until I became unable to blog much (or at all). No rx zanaflex But even when I haven't been writing, no rx zanaflex I've still been reading, no rx zanaflex and collecting. Over the past three years I have preserved more than 330 articles mentioning Rashid Rauf, no rx zanaflex and it has been fascinating (in an entirely predictable way) to watch his legend develop. No rx zanaflex (And you can read the word "legend" in either of two ways: it can mean either "a fable" or "an intelligence agent's cover story".) In 2006, no rx zanaflex Rashid Rauf was merely a "key figure" in the so-called Liquid Bombing plot -- possibly a messenger of some kind. No rx zanaflex Then he was the al Qaeda connection. No rx zanaflex Then he was the bomb-making expert. No rx zanaflex Then he was the mastermind. No rx zanaflex Then he was an al Qaeda commander. The latter was an interesting step in the growing legend. No rx zanaflex Not everyone gets to be an al Qaeda commander. I first read that Rashid Rauf was an al Qaeda commander from Bill Roggio, no rx zanaflex who writes the aptly named "Long War Journal". No rx zanaflex Upon reading that Rashid Rauf was an al Qaeda commander, no rx zanaflex I immediately felt a sense of inadequacy -- having read everything I could find about Rashid Rauf, no rx zanaflex how could I not have known he was an al Qaeda commander? Then I got a bit indignant: Why should Bill Roggio know that Rashid Rauf is an al Qaeda commander when I don't know it myself? Later I simmered down a bit and became less emotional and more pragmatic. No rx zanaflex The question became: How does Bill Roggio know Rashid Rauf is an al Qaeda commander? Much to my astonishment, no rx zanaflex Long War Journal takes comments from unknown visitors. No rx zanaflex So I left Bill Roggio a comment, no rx zanaflex saying: "How do you know Rashid Rauf is an al Qaeda commander?" To my further astonishment, no rx zanaflex my comment appeared immediately. No rx zanaflex So I bookmarked the page and returned a day later, no rx zanaflex hoping for an explanation from Bill Roggio as to where and how he had learned that Rashid Rauf was an al Qaeda commander. No rx zanaflex Instead of such an explanation, no rx zanaflex I found -- to no astonishment at all -- that my comment had been deleted. No rx zanaflex "Aha!" I thought, no rx zanaflex "That's how we know Rashid Rauf is an al Qaeda commander." What a thing to have learned! We also learned quite a bit about Bill Roggio and his "Long War Journal", no rx zanaflex none of which could have been news. No rx zanaflex (Long War Journal? Why do you think it's called that?) Then Rashid Rauf was also named -- as always, no rx zanaflex by an unnamed source -- as the al Qaeda contact for the dozen Pakistani students arrested in the UK in April of 2009 under so-called "Operation Pathway". No rx zanaflex No criminal charges were filed against any of the students, no rx zanaflex who were released from police custody but nonetheless held pending "deportation hearings" which still haven't started -- and most of the students have now left the UK "voluntarily". Shortly after the Operation Pathway arrests, no rx zanaflex Rashid Rauf's legend began to grow again. No rx zanaflex Soon he was was al Qaeda's Commander for European Operations. No rx zanaflex Then he was a facilitator for the London bombings of 7/7/2005. How much more is there? I've been wondering: How long it will take before he was behind 9/11? Or the 1993 WTC bombing? Oklahoma City? Beirut? Who really killed JFK, no rx zanaflex anyway? Was it Rashid Rauf? Or to put it another way: How do we know it wasn't? I may have been kidding about that last part but the rest is serious, no rx zanaflex and Rashid Rauf's legend continues to grow backwards. No rx zanaflex The most recent additions to the legend have proceeded despite (or because of) the death (or not) of Rashid Rauf in a drone-launched missile attack in Pakistan in November of 2008. Sebastian Rotella's LAT piece hints -- for the first time of which I am aware -- at a connection between Rashid Rauf and a failed attempt to bomb London in 2004. No rx zanaflex This is a year earlier than the previous publicly hinted connection: the backward legend-building is only three years short of 9/11 now, no rx zanaflex and it won't be long ... It's a sick laugh, no rx zanaflex and one I can't share with my father, no rx zanaflex but laughs are scarce in these days of bogus terror everywhere, no rx zanaflex and unspoken dangers everywhere else. No rx zanaflex And the people who make me laugh have an impossible job. To read more of the article, no rx zanaflex please go here: