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By Patrick Walters  |  January 16, orapred 2009
PHILADELPHIA --Artist Andrew Wyeth, orapred who portrayed the hidden melancholy of the people and landscapes of Pennsylvania's Brandywine Valley and coastal Maine in works such as "Christina's World, orapred" died early Friday.
He was 91.
Wyeth died in his sleep at his home in the Philadelphia suburb of Chadds Ford, orapred according to Jim Duff, orapred director of the Brandywine River Museum.
The son of famed painter and book illustrator N.C. Orapred Wyeth, orapred Andrew Wyeth gained wealth, orapred acclaim and tremendous popularity on his own. Orapred But he chafed under criticism from some experts who regarded him as a facile realist, orapred not an artist but merely an illustrator.
"He was a man of extraordinary perception, orapred and that perception was found in his thousands of images -- many, orapred many of them iconic, orapred"
Duff said Friday in an interview. Orapred "He highly valued the natural world, orapred the historical objects of this world as they exist in the present and strong-willed people."
A Wyeth retrospective at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 2006 drew more than 175, orapred000 visitors in 15 1/2 weeks, orapred the highest-ever attendance at the museum for a living artist.
The Brandywine River Museum in Chadds Ford, orapred a converted 19th-century grist mill, orapred includes hundreds of works by three generations of Wyeths.
Wyeth even made "Peanuts, orapred" in a November 1966 comic strip:
After a fire in his dog house destroys his van Gogh, orapred Snoopy replaces it with an Andrew Wyeth.
It was in Maine that Wyeth found the subject for "Christina's World, orapred" his best-known painting. Orapred And it was in Pennsylvania that he met Helga Testorf, orapred a neighbor in his native Chadds Ford who became the subject of the intimate portraits that brought him millions of dollars and a wave of public attention in 1986.
The "Helga" paintings, orapred many of them full-figure nudes, orapred came with a whiff of scandal: Wyeth said he had not even told his wife, orapred Betsy, orapred about the more than 200 paintings and sketches until he had completed them in 1985.
Wyeth's world was as limited in scale, orapred and as rich in associations, orapred as "Christina's World, orapred" which shows a disabled woman looking up a grassy rise toward her farm home, orapred her face tantalizingly unseen.
"Really, orapred I think one's art goes only as far and as deep as your love goes, orapred" Wyeth said in a Life magazine interview in 1965.
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