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Blame and power abuse - how they work together.... http://arjunaardagh.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/pointing-finger.jpg Earlier on Facebook I found a post where the topic of the post was one I've observed a lot lately.  Perhaps that is why I responded with a rather stringent reply. I find it rather disappointing to read comments however well intentioned which look at issues by ignoring core question of 'why' a situation is the way it is, order anafranil or what is a root cause. Order anafranil In this case, order anafranil it was addressing Governmental/Power abuse and how citizens need to wake up and essentially smell the coffee.   A valid point most of us would not disagree with. Order anafranil Some posters continued on, order anafranil blaming and berating the citizens at large and ignoring what I see as the larger problem - who actually maintains and manipulates the power, order anafranil and what exactly are 'they' doing with such power and control?   I think it's easy for most of us to selectively cherry pick what we would like to confront and point somewhere out there into obscurity, order anafranil instead of looking at where a largely neglected origin(s) of the problem actually lies. Order anafranil    And while its counter productive to overlook such a root issue, order anafranil I certainly understand why we do it.  While I have no problem in agreeing with that premise, order anafranil I feel that there is a tendency to blame someone/some group, order anafranil often the ones least represented and most victimized, order anafranil  and as such, order anafranil over simplify what is a much larger issue discussed soley on its surface.   That way, order anafranil everyone remains comfortable and satisfied with the tepid interactions and nothing gets adequately examined or better understood. Order anafranil To look at a cycle of abuse of power on any scale, order anafranil the best place to start is at the root of the problem.  Seems to me a microcosm of governmental/power abuse at large, order anafranil might be exemplified through simply enough:  the family.   More specifically using the premise of the "battered wive's syndrome" to show how abuse can be used and perpetuated against those who lack the power necessary to confront the abuse. I found an article which provided some insight using the example of the battered wives syndrome in a political context. While I disagree with the article's premise stating the fault of such abuse derives solely from "Democrats or Liberals".   ( Note: It is my hope at some point, order anafranil Americans and others will begin to better understand the true motivation behind party politics, order anafranil  "Republican versus Democrat" etc. Order anafranil   I hope people will begin to note a systemic 'game' being played at large - that party systems are, order anafranil at least in my opinion and observation, order anafranil diversionary means which keep the citizenry divided and hobbled in our ability to implement effective goals and progress, order anafranil due to such manufactured divisions by those witholding power. Order anafranil   And as I've said before, order anafranil that's another article for another day**) Additionally putting party politics aside, order anafranil I believe, order anafranil similar to any family, order anafranil community of people or governing body, order anafranil an abusive cycle is a systemic in nature and it involves everyone within the system itself.   We all play a part in other words, order anafranil in the dysfunction.  With that said, order anafranil due to the monopolizing of power by the abuser(s), order anafranil it is the abuser who tends to create and control the reality of those around them, order anafranil (often those enabling  the abuser's themselves) and those who are subject to the abuser's power and control. Having the power and control, order anafranil the abuser can create the perceptions, order anafranil and additionally project blame on those who are in a suboordinate position of power, order anafranil ie.  the wife, order anafranil the 'problem child' or anyone deemed opposition. Order anafranil   However in areas of government or other powerful arenas, order anafranil the game is played essentially the same, order anafranil albeit with a different hierarchy and/or chain of command. Order anafranil From the article: “Domestic  violence and abuse are used for one purpose and one purpose only: to gain and maintain total control over you. Order anafranil An abuser doesn’t ‘play fair.’   Abusers use fear, order anafranil guilt, order anafranil shame, order anafranil and intimidation to wear you down and keep you under his or her thumb. Order anafranil Your abuser may also threaten you, order anafranil hurt you, order anafranil or hurt those around you.” "The courts have recognized battered women syndrome for years.  The condition is actually a form of post traumatic stress disorder.  Abusers, order anafranil many of whom are narcissists, order anafranil  use chicanery and mind games to woo their victims.  Once the prey is ensnared, order anafranil they continue to use all manner of machinations to keep their quarry from escaping." "For abusers to maintain their power over those they control, order anafranil "they have to keep their victims off balance, order anafranil psychologically, order anafranil and induce a perpetual state of apprehension and confusion. Order anafranil Ultimately, order anafranil the pawn begins to doubt their own perceptions of reality and develops what psychologists call learned helplessness." In other words, order anafranil the abuser’s victim begins to regard the abuser as all powerful . People outside of the abusive relationship always ask why the woman doesn’t just leave.  Once you’ve been worked over by an abusive narcissist, order anafranil you no longer have the will to escape.  Remember, order anafranil the abuser  has done so much fogging that the victim comes to believe that his behavior is entirely normal.  Many victims become convinced that they themselves cause the abuse.  Some are  persuaded that they are the abusive ones and their partners are the ones in need of compassion." If you’ve never seen the original version of “Gaslight”, order anafranil this would be a good time to take a look at it." "Abusive relationships are more difficult to end than healthy ones. Order anafranil " When reading these words and considering so much of our leadership via corporate leadership and/or governmental leadership, order anafranil perhaps it's not such a stretch to see how such dynamics are  played out in these arenas? There is much more to add in terms of underlying cause and effect.   Also it should be noted that all of us have a capacity to abuse power, order anafranil especially if unconditionally granted that power coupled with no accountabilty. Order anafranil   It also is a reality that too much power for some and likewise too little power for others ulitmately creates an imbalance that harms everyone in the long run.  We can certainly see such a power imbalance on a global scale.    Perhaps if one fundamental factor could be better realized it would be for us to address situations where it is clear that wrongdoing is happening, order anafranil and likewise affirm those situations where people protect and defend those who can't defend themselves and need protecting.  When people are apprehensive to say what needs to be said, order anafranil then those who are abusing power, order anafranil in truth may not realize what they are doing is wrong, order anafranil and likewise, order anafranil will continue to engage in the same behavior, order anafranil until they are prevented from doing so.  Certainly is the case for children, order anafranil where there is still the need and responsibility to address bad behavior.   Adults should already know the difference between right and wrong, order anafranil however it's clear from simple observation that while many may know the difference, order anafranil many are not held accountable to do what is right and as such continue to do what is wrong, order anafranil so often at the expense of many, order anafranil including themselves. Order anafranil The source for the quote reference is : http://joytiz.com/2010/battered-public-syndrome/