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 A repost from some time back. Assuming doesn’t make it so…. When I was growing up, order cheap keftab online my family belonged to an old hunting and fishing club outside of Tyler Texas. My favorite memories as a child were spent there. Two of the people I liked the most were Horace and Willie. Horace was our fishing guide and Willie did just about everything else around the club. I grew up with Horace and Willie coming to our house every weekend when we were down at the lake. They’d bring us ice and our newspapers in the morning. They did everything around the lake to keep things running. In fact, order cheap keftab online Horace would also watch out for us whenever the parents wanted a break. He’d take us on the back of his pick up with his black Labrador and drive us to whatever project he was doing while we dragged our bare feet off the back, order cheap keftab online or he would take us to over to his place and we’d wait for him while he worked on something that needed to be fixed. Looking back, order cheap keftab online I’m confident there were other things Horace would rather have been doing than having us kids tag along with him. Order cheap keftab online But he never complained.In fact, order cheap keftab online I never saw Horace or Willie get angry or complain about anything. Horace, order cheap keftab online Willie and Duck cleaned the fish we’d catch and cleaned the ducks our fathers shot in the early mornings. Whenever our parents got mad at us or corrected us for something, order cheap keftab online Horace and Willie never did. Duck seemed to be a little less tolerant of us kids and we just knew not to get in his way. When Mr. Order cheap keftab online Houseman caught the giant snapping turtle, order cheap keftab online it was Horace and Willie that took it out of the freezer and let us take a picture with it. Willie talked so fast I rarely understood what he said. When I was really young, order cheap keftab online I got confused and frustrated with Willie’s speedy dialog and told him I just couldn’t understand his “Spanish”.  He laughed at me. They all laughed at us when we would get too big for our britches or didn’t really understand what we were saying. There was one year when Willie began to lose weight rapidly. My dad was a doctor and noticed the weight loss.   I remember my dad saying  “I don’t think Willie’s doing too well”. He took Willie to the hospital in Tyler where he’d had a heart attack and didn’t know it.    Willie pulled through that tough spell and made it through fine. Looking back at my youth, order cheap keftab online those men took care of us while down at the lake. They kept a watch over us, order cheap keftab online made us feel safe and secure. It was the days at the lake we didn’t have a care in the world. As I got older, order cheap keftab online I went to the lake less often. I got more interested in boys than I did in fishing or hanging out at the lake. One afternoon after school I remember Dad coming home and coming into the house - he was crying. It was the only time I had ever seen my father cry. Horace had died. I will never forget that. I remember having no idea how to respond. Many years later, order cheap keftab online Willie was still working at the lake. My brother inherited the lake house after dad died. Willie, order cheap keftab online years older now, order cheap keftab online continued to bring ice and newspapers the mornings of every weekend Manning, order cheap keftab online his wife and family were there. One afternoon Willie dropped by the house unexpectedly. Willie was fixing to retire. Willy had dropped by to ask Manning if it was true that there were no retirement or benefits him or his wife Dell, order cheap keftab online who worked in the kitchen for over thirty years. No retirement benefits  given to him or Dell after all the decades of work they had put in at the lake. He asked my brother how this could be? My brother had no answers. My brother, order cheap keftab online like many other members had always assumed that there were certainly benefits for Horace, order cheap keftab online Willie, order cheap keftab online Duck and all the other guides who worked at the lake. Assuming did not make it so. Not so for those who did the jobs nobody else wanted. The answer was that this prestigious, order cheap keftab online private club, order cheap keftab online created by prestigious and wealthy Texan men had not considered  those who kept the club clean and running smoothly. Apparently Horace, order cheap keftab online Willie and Ducks’ needs (along with others) were not considered after they had lived most of their lifetime taking care of others -  cleaning their fish, order cheap keftab online cleaning their ducks and doing what the rest of us were capable of doing, order cheap keftab online but didn’t want to do. Perhaps many thought their needs were irrelevant. I don’t know. I remember my brother Manning telling me this story - as he did, order cheap keftab online he cried. The club and those who have benefited from that membership owe a lot to individuals like Horace, order cheap keftab online Willie, order cheap keftab online Dell, order cheap keftab online Duck and others. Good will towards all, order cheap keftab online can not exist when a few privileged people continue to take from others and exhaust others with their own material needs and wants and don’t give back. Horace Willie and Duck didn’t ask for a CEO’s compensation. They asked and expected to collect what was rightfully theirs. As we see today, order cheap keftab online the disregard for those doing the ‘real work’ are so often left in the cold. Look at our troops in Iraq.   Look at their treatment. Too many in power, order cheap keftab online perhaps brought on by their all too insulated and cushy lifestyle, order cheap keftab online seem to have concluded others who do such hard work, order cheap keftab online are expendable and/or irrelevant. However, order cheap keftab online we know they are brothers and sisters and sons and daughters of American families. They deserve much more in my opinion than those who have sent them off to war……. I’m waiting for America to become the America we have grown up to believe we are. We aren’t there yet. Seems to me America will be America when we respect those who do the hardest, order cheap keftab online most undesirable work, order cheap keftab online equal to those who are making millions sitting behind a leather desk engaging in what seems to be the lightest and certainly the most self serving and monetarily beneficial.