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Interesting article on Andrea Jaeger from 2008: Why I became a nun, order cheap lipitor by former tennis star Andrea Jaeger Andrea Jaeger By PETER ROBERTSON/UK Daily Mail She was a troubled young girl ... Order cheap lipitor and the finest tennis player of her generation. At the age of 14, order cheap lipitor with her teeth still in braces and her hair in Brady Bunch pigtails, order cheap lipitor Andrea Jaeger dominated the courts, order cheap lipitor frightened of no one and confident in a talent that outstripped even Chris Evert and Billie Jean King. By the age of 16 she was No 2 in the world yet famously appeared to throw her 1983 Wimbledon final against Martina Navratilova, order cheap lipitor losing 6-0, order cheap lipitor 6-3 in less than an hour. Scroll down for more... Love all: Andrea Jaeger today says she finds happiness she never knew on the courts Two years later, order cheap lipitor after a shoulder injury, order cheap lipitor Andrea left the game forever, order cheap lipitor debilitated and disillusioned with a world she had grown to despise. Andrea wanted neither fame or fortune. Order cheap lipitor She retreated from public view and put all her winnings into setting up a charity, order cheap lipitor The Little Star Foundation, order cheap lipitor for children suffering from terminal cancer. It was a decision that few of her former colleagues or family could understand. Now, order cheap lipitor The Mail on Sunday can reveal details of Andrea's latest remarkable journey. Order cheap lipitor She has become Sister Andrea after being ordained into the Order of Dominican Nuns. In a moving interview, order cheap lipitor the former tennis prodigy explains how her new life in the Episcopalian Church has helped reconcile a past that left her deeply troubled. Pushed by her father, order cheap lipitor Andrea lost her childhood and struggled with the ruthlessness of the professional circuit. It is only now, order cheap lipitor she says, order cheap lipitor that she is at peace and has finally found the fulfilment that tennis could never give her. Speaking from the headquarters of her foundation in Colorado, order cheap lipitor Andrea, order cheap lipitor 42, order cheap lipitor says: "I've always felt called to help those in need. Order cheap lipitor It's just been in my soul since I was a child. "I think that's why I struggled so much on the tennis circuit because you have to be selfish to succeed in an individual sport. Andrea Jaeger Born to serve: Andrea on court at the age of 16 "My parents didn't go to church. Order cheap lipitor We didn't have a Bible in the house but, order cheap lipitor for whatever reason, order cheap lipitor I feel God gave me a gift of faith. "I always said my prayers when I was little. Order cheap lipitor No one told me to. Order cheap lipitor I didn't learn in school or from TV. "I just knew that God existed and that we were friends and had a personal relationship. Order cheap lipitor None of my family knew I prayed every day of my life. "In August 2006, order cheap lipitor I received an associate degree in Ministry Training & Theology. Order cheap lipitor Then I entered a Dominican Sisterhood Programme. "It's a strict discipline. Order cheap lipitor I wake at 4am, order cheap lipitor do my prayers and my spiritual study, order cheap lipitor then I start work at 5am or 6am fund-raising, order cheap lipitor scheduling programmes and running those programmes. "We have something happening for children somewhere in the world every day. "How often I wear the nun's habit depends on what I'm doing. Order cheap lipitor I have three of them. Order cheap lipitor They get dirty pretty fast. Order cheap lipitor I keep getting the robes stuck in buses and escalators. Order cheap lipitor Once I jumped in a cab and left half of it outside the door. "The first week I wore it, order cheap lipitor at a huge global conference in New York City. Order cheap lipitor A bird went to the bathroom on me. "I thought that was God's way of saying, order cheap lipitor 'Maybe it's OK to be a little muddy on the edges ? you're the one who used to dive for balls on the tennis court.' "I believe I'll always be a Sister. Order cheap lipitor I have a joy and love of life and it's easier to express that in this field." Andrea was born in a run-down part of Chicago in 1965. Order cheap lipitor Her German-born father, order cheap lipitor Roland, order cheap lipitor was a former boxer and bricklayer who ran a bar and restaurant with her mother Ilse. The little girl used to watch her parents playing tennis ? until she was old enough to try it for herself. Andrea says: "I wasn't pushed. Order cheap lipitor I actually had to push my family to let me play because I was so bored watching them. "At nine when I played my first tournament, order cheap lipitor my parents thought I was too young, order cheap lipitor but I won. Order cheap lipitor At 13, order cheap lipitor I was winning collegiate tournaments. "I saw my parents counting quarters and dollars on the table from their jobs and I thought, order cheap lipitor 'I'm winning all these tournaments and we're not able to take the money, order cheap lipitor' so I turned pro." Scroll down for more... Giving something back: Andrea with Chris Evert during a visit to a children's cancer ward in America last year

Andrea Jaeger and Chris Evert

Within 18 months Andrea had become the youngest seeded player in Wimbledon history and reached the semi-final of the US Open. But with such success came inevitable problems.  More of the article can be found at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-560743/Why-I-nun-tennis-star-Andrea-Jaeger.html