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The Wrong Target By BOB HERBERT / New York Times "A New York City police detective and his girlfriend have been accused of kidnapping and forcing a 13-year-old girl into prostitution. According to the Queens district attorney’s office, order cheap nizoral the detective, order cheap nizoral Wayne Taylor, order cheap nizoral and the girlfriend, order cheap nizoral Zalika Brown, order cheap nizoral would parade the girl at parties and other places where adult men had gathered and force her to have sex with them for money — $40 for oral sex, order cheap nizoral $80 for intercourse. The child was an investment. Order cheap nizoral The couple allegedly told her that she had been purchased for $500 — purchased, order cheap nizoral like the slaves of old, order cheap nizoral only this time for use as a prostitute. Order cheap nizoral Other than the fact that one of the accused in this case is a police detective, order cheap nizoral there was nothing unusual about this tale of trafficking in young female flesh."  "Across the country, order cheap nizoral young girls by the many thousands — children — are being drawn into the hellishly dangerous world of prostitution. Order cheap nizoral They are raped, order cheap nizoral beaten and exploited in every way imaginable.As part of the staggeringly lucrative commercial sex trade, order cheap nizoral the role of these children is to satisfy the sexual demands of johns who in most cases do not fit the stereotype of a pedophile. “Many of the guys who buy sex with children would never consider themselves pedophiles, order cheap nizoral” said Rachel Lloyd, order cheap nizoral founder of an organization in New York called GEMS that offers help to under-age girls in the sex trade. Order cheap nizoral “They’re not necessarily out there looking for 12-year-olds or teenagers. Order cheap nizoral They just kind of don’t care. They feel like they have the right to buy sex from someone, order cheap nizoral and they prefer it to be someone who looks younger and cleaner and less drug-addicted.” More of Bob Herbert's article at: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/02/19/opinion/19herbert.html?_r=3&hp=&oref=slogin&pagewanted=print