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While I *try* not to subscribe to an all or nothing philosophy of life, order cheap seroquel I found many of these principles to be both helpful and wise.   - Connie  Something about lions and courage...... “At the end of the sorrowful night Truth appears and smilingly says, order cheap seroquel "Beloved, order cheap seroquel fear no more.” - Sri Chinmoy The material advances of the world do not seem to have reduced the amount of fear that exists in our mind. Order cheap seroquel When we fear we weaken ourselves and make it impossible to enjoy life as it is supposed to be enjoyed. Order cheap seroquel To consciously enjoy life we need to throw away fear and retain optimism and a positive attitude to the world. Order cheap seroquel To live without fear is quite possible. Self Belief. When we fear, order cheap seroquel we consciously weaken ourselves. Order cheap seroquel If we think of ourselves as an ant, order cheap seroquel then we will inevitably fear being trampled on. Order cheap seroquel It is important to maintain faith in ourselves and a sense of self belief. Order cheap seroquel This is not the pride of self aggrandisement, order cheap seroquel but belief in our inner self. Order cheap seroquel If we maintain belief in our inner divinity, order cheap seroquel then we will not fear the world. Don’t Judge Others (*but hold them accountable*) When we judge and condemn others, order cheap seroquel we ironically open ourselves up to being judged ourselves. Order cheap seroquel When we pick up on the faults of others, order cheap seroquel we unconsciously strengthen these very same faults in ourself. Order cheap seroquel Often we start criticising others to assert an unconscious sense of superiority over others; we do this partly out of fear. Order cheap seroquel But, order cheap seroquel judging others is not a solution to fear; we only make it stronger. Don’t Focus on Your Weakness / Sin. If we focus on our ’sins’ and weaknesses, order cheap seroquel we start to cherish a guilty conscience. Order cheap seroquel This magnifies our weaknesses and problems, order cheap seroquel this will only create an attitude of fear. Order cheap seroquel Instead we need to forget unpleasant experiences; it is sufficient to resolve to avoid repeating mistakes. Order cheap seroquel We need to move on and think about the good things we are going to do. Order cheap seroquel When we focus on the negative things we have done we become fearful of their consequences. Suspend Disbelief If we separate ourselves from the rest of humanity we will always be fearful. Order cheap seroquel If we have an attitude of self importance and self reliance, order cheap seroquel we will fear and mistrust other people. Order cheap seroquel We should avoid imagining others are thinking ill of us. Order cheap seroquel The mind frequently thinks of the worst. Order cheap seroquel But, order cheap seroquel we have to ignore these thoughts and concentrate on the underlying unity with other people. Leave Aside Superiority / Inferiority A lot of fear is based on a false desire to prove ourselves to the rest of the world. Order cheap seroquel We worry over people’s perceptions and criticisms. Order cheap seroquel Therefore we give much importance to proving ourselves; this generates constant feelings of inferiority and superiority which creates a climate of subconscious fear in our mind. Ignore the Fears of the Media. In daily life there are numerous mediums which seek to play on our fears. Order cheap seroquel If we uncritically read newspapers from cover to cover, order cheap seroquel we will become overwhelmed with fear. Order cheap seroquel Even if we are aware of the nature of newspapers to magnify negative experiences, order cheap seroquel we can still be subconsciously affected. Order cheap seroquel Through absorbing ourselves in the consciousness of the news media, order cheap seroquel it is easy to gain an unbalanced perspective on life and this generates a feeling of fear. Order cheap seroquel If newspapers highlight 10 problems with the world, order cheap seroquel we should try to remember 10 reasons to be optimistic. Order cheap seroquel It is not that we need to avoid reading newspapers; but, order cheap seroquel we need to be very cautious about being swept up in their world perspective, order cheap seroquel which inevitably highlights the bad. Order cheap seroquel Satire is a great medicine to the negative attitude of the media. Take Each Day as It Comes Most of our worries and fears are generated over imaginary experiences that never happen. Order cheap seroquel Most fears are based on the future. Order cheap seroquel Yet our mind is a very poor guide to predicting the future. Order cheap seroquel Usually things do not turn out as bad as we plan. Order cheap seroquel The great sages frequently advise us to take each day as it comes and ‘let the morrow worry about the morrow’ It is with good reason; if we can live in the present moment we can easily reduce the impact of fear in our lives. from the wonderful site: http://www.srichinmoybio.co.uk/blog/life/living-without-fear/#comment-729 Photo by Pranlobha, order cheap seroquel Sri Chinmoy Centre Galleries