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In light of the latest assaults happening in Gaza, order cheap speman I thought I would forward this article by Alison Weir, order cheap speman who is the executive director of If Americans Knew.   Ms. Order cheap speman Weir has been to Israel/Palestine numerous times, order cheap speman in order to see for herself the realities and oppressive events occurring there.  

Her trips overseas awakened her to become more actively informed and involved in promoting awareness by educating and informing other American citizens about what is actually happening in Israel/Palestine, order cheap speman and more specifically Gaza, order cheap speman versus what we are being told by our censored sources of media.
Wishing everyone a healthy and hopeful 2009, order cheap speman Connie Choosing to Act Anti-Semitism is Wrong

By Alison Weir
Founder and Executive Director of If Americans Knew Perhaps one of the most difficult things for a decent person to do is to act in a way that feels somehow disloyal. Order cheap speman

To betray one’s family and friends, order cheap speman one’s deeply held principles, order cheap speman is wrenching, order cheap speman disorienting, order cheap speman shaming. Order cheap speman

For a decent person, order cheap speman it is profoundly difficult to do something that feels so immeasurably wrong.

It is for this reason that so many of us have found it difficult to examine closely the situation in Israel and Palestine. Order cheap speman

We are crippled by the very decency that would normally require us to speak out.

For many of us, order cheap speman if we are Jewish, order cheap speman the very act of questioning Israel’s actions in Palestine arouses deep and immobilizing feelings of disloyalty – to our families, order cheap speman to our parents and their principles, order cheap speman to relatives who may have died in death camps.

If we are not Jewish, order cheap speman questioning Israel’s actions arouses unexamined feelings of disloyalty to values by which we have determined to live our lives. Order cheap speman

Anti-Semitism is abhorrent to us. Order cheap speman

Acting in a way that even hints at this feels contaminating, order cheap speman morally and emotionally obscene. Order cheap speman

Acting in a way that even suggests disloyalty to Jewish friends feels unthinkable.

And so we all avoid the subject.

It is not until we force ourselves to study the situation for ourselves, order cheap speman to delve deeply beneath the mostly skewed information of our news outlets, order cheap speman that we realize that our definition of disloyalty has been tragically inverted – that speaking out for the human rights of Palestinians is, order cheap speman in fact, order cheap speman the profoundest loyalty of all: to the values of decency, order cheap speman of humanity, order cheap speman of Judaism, order cheap speman of Christianity, order cheap speman of Islam, order cheap speman of numerous religious and spiritual traditions.

We learn that, order cheap speman in reality, order cheap speman equating the wrongdoing of Israel with Jewishness is the deepest and most insidious form of anti-Semitism of all. Order cheap speman We learn that if we are Jewish – or if we are not Jewish – our silence is the most profound betrayal of all – of the principles by which we seek to live moral and meaningful lives.

It is time for all of us to stop our self-censorship.

Every generation has a chance to act courageously – to oppose the kind of injustice and unthinkable brutality that is going on in the Middle East right now. Order cheap speman

Or to avert our eyes, order cheap speman and remain silent.

It is time to stop saying, order cheap speman “They came for the Palestinians... Order cheap speman and I did nothing.”

It is time to begin acting in a way that will allow us to say, order cheap speman “They came for the Palestinians ... Order cheap speman and I stopped them". The original article can be found at: http://www.ifamericansknew.org/cur_sit/as.html