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Rachel Corrie's parents in Nablus On March 23rd, order cheap ventolin 200 residents of Nablus and internationals gathered to commemorate the five-year anniversary of the murder of Rachel Corrie by Israeli forces in Rafah, order cheap ventolinGaza, order cheap ventolin as she tried to prevent a bulldozer from demolishing a family home. Order cheap ventolin The demonstration also protested the ongoing attacks on Gaza by the Israeli army, order cheap ventolin and the occupation of Iraq - taking place on the fifth anniversary of the US-led invasion. Present were bereaved parents of Rachel Corrie, order cheap ventolin Craig and Cindy Corrie, order cheap ventolin who were visiting Nablus for the first time. Order cheap ventolin The Corries expressed their gratitude for the continuing remembrence of their daughter, order cheap ventolin but stressed the importance of focusing on the atrocities carried out against Palestinians everyday. Order cheap ventolin Her mother stated: “While we remember Rachel, order cheap ventolin it is important to remember the children of Palestine, order cheap ventolin because Rachel knew and Rachel taught us that it is about the people of Palestine, order cheap ventolin not about Rachel. “We know that the people of Nablus have suffered for many many years, order cheap ventolin and have suffered many many losses that are like our loss, order cheap ventolin except they go on and on for them.” … The protesters carried 122 black balloons, order cheap ventolin to commemorate the 121 Palestinians killed in Gaza during the Israeli army Operation Hot Winter, order cheap ventolin as well as one for Rachel Corrie. Order cheap ventolin The also carried Palestinian flags and pictures of those killed in Gaza. Representatives from many organisations in Nablus addressed the crowd, order cheap ventolin including the Women’s Committee; Tanweer Centre for Cultural Enlightenment; and Centre for Global Consciousness; as well as Palestinians whose family members had been murdered by Israeli forces. Order cheap ventolin Many spoke of the links between the occupation of Palestine and the occupation of Iraq, order cheap ventolin demanding freedom and justice for both. These connections were also expressed by Rachel Corrie, order cheap ventolin which she wrote to her parents from Palestine before she died, order cheap ventolin which her mother Cindy shared with the crowd, order cheap ventolin “I think freedom for palestine could be an incredible source of hope for people struggling all over the world.’’ http://inpursuitofjustice.wordpress.com/