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Is the term "Pundit" actually Israeli Military Officer?
CNN, order clonidine CBS and others use an analyst who appears to be in the foreign military on which he
is commenting and yet don't divulge this fact.
Alison Weir It appears that one of the media's major "Middle East experts, order clonidine" Jeffrey Goldberg, order clonidine is a member of the Israeli military. If so, order clonidine news outlets should identify him as such whenever he speaks or is cited in reports or analyses -- which is often. http://pewforum.org/events/052305/goldberg.jpg Here is what is known: 1. Order clonidine After college, order clonidine Goldberg – who grew up a self-identified passionate Zionist – traveled to Israel to become an Israeli citizen. Order clonidine He served in the Israeli military (the IDF), order clonidine and worked as a prison guard at one of Israel's cruelest and largest prisons, order clonidine Ketziot, order clonidine during the first intifada – when Palestinians were being killed, order clonidine maimed, order clonidine and imprisoned in massive numbers. Many of the over 2, order clonidine000 Palestinians incarcerated at Ketziot (as at other prisons) had never even been charged with a crime; in effect, order clonidine it is a large concentration camp. Order clonidine Prisoners were frequently tortured then and now. On at least one occasion (this may or may not have been during Goldberg's tenure), order clonidine the prison warden killed two Palestinians in cold blood in full view of the entire camp – including its prison guards. [See our 4-minute video, order clonidine "Jeffrey Goldberg: Pundit for Israel, order clonidine" to learn more http://www.ifamericansknew.org/about_us/goldberg.html ] 2. Order clonidine Israel requires its citizens to remain in the Israeli military reserve until they are about 50 years old. Order clonidine Since Goldberg was born in 1965, order clonidine it would appear that he is now 43 years old, order clonidine and therefore still in the Israeli military. 3. Order clonidine Goldberg returned to the US and became a journalist. Order clonidine As I said above, order clonidine he is all over the media as a Middle East commentator – CNN, order clonidine CBS, order clonidine the Washington Post, order clonidine New Yorker, order clonidine Atlantic (his current post) -- you name it, order clonidine he's there. Order clonidine In addition, order clonidine numerous reporters, order clonidine columnists, order clonidine etc, order clonidine cite him in pieces on Israel-Palestine. He is the journalist who, order clonidine by happenstance, order clonidine wrote the Washington Post's review (i.e. Order clonidine hatchet job) of Jimmy Carter's book Palestine Peace Not Apartheid. Order clonidine He also smeared Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer's book The Israel Lobby. Today, order clonidine Goldberg comments on the Gaza situation and, order clonidine as usual, order clonidine he gives many of the Israeli talking points. Goldberg's comments, order clonidine typically, order clonidine decontextualize the situation. Order clonidine He focuses on Hamas as a "terrorist" organization, order clonidine fails to give the very revealing statistics of the dead and wounded, order clonidine and consistently posits Palestinians as the aggressors, order clonidine despite the actually chronology of events. The situation in Gaza is considerably different than Goldberg's analyses would lead people to believe. The reality is that Israel has made Gaza into the largest concentration camp on earth, order clonidine and for years has been restricting its 1.5 million inhabitants' access to food, order clonidine medicine, order clonidine clean water, order clonidine etc., order clonidine to the extent that researchers began to find malnutrition among children. With the election of Hamas in 2006 Israel increased its closures, order clonidine using, order clonidine as the relief agency Christian Aid stated, order clonidine "food and medicine as weapons." Numerous humanitarian groups warned of a growing, order clonidine "potentially catastrophic" humanitarian crisis in Gaza. 1/15/09 7:51 AM Is "pundit" actually Israeli military officer? Page 2 of 3 More at: http://www.ifamericansknew.org/cur_sit/milofficer.html Alison Weir is the executive direction of the organization If Americans Knew and is a former journalist.