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 Reposted from 2007..... Songs in time..... Connie Shannon When I was young, order creatine 1200 cod one of my favorite things to do was to sit at the piano with my sister in law and listen to her play the song, order creatine 1200 cod Anchors Away.  Debbie played the piano with such grace and ease. She did everything with grace and ease. When I was young, order creatine 1200 cod I was spell bound by everything she did.  Debbie was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.   I remember when I was six years old and my brother Jim brought her home to meet the family, order creatine 1200 cod the first words out of my mouth to her were, order creatine 1200 cod “you look just like an angel!”   She and I would often laugh about that moment.     At the time I met her, order creatine 1200 cod Debbie had long blonde hair down to her waist, order creatine 1200 cod and a delicate, order creatine 1200 cod perfect smile.   I remember that weekend when she first came to visit, order creatine 1200 cod  I sat in the bathroom and watched her while she put on her make up. She gave me a bottle of her Pearl Drops tooth polish, order creatine 1200 cod which I accepted as if it were some kind of magic potion that would make me as beautiful as she was. I consumed the bottle in less than one day. Debbie and Jim were married in Columbia South Carolina, order creatine 1200 cod in March of 1972.   I was a flower girl in their wedding.    Throughout my childhood and teenage years, order creatine 1200 cod it was Debbie who I looked to for just about everything.   When I graduated from college, order creatine 1200 cod Debbie was the one, order creatine 1200 cod and only, order creatine 1200 cod family member to attend my graduation. Sitting outside on the bench last night, order creatine 1200 cod I sat thinking about Debbie, order creatine 1200 cod as I have on so many other nights.  Lately I have sat outside in the evenings consumed in my thoughts.   It has become a ritual. One I can’t seem to stop.  Last night I remembered those times sitting at our piano listening to Debbie play.    I had to laugh at the irony.   Anchors Away. Indeed.  These days I’m in California.  Debbie and I don’t talk today.  There seems little point any more. After graduating from college, order creatine 1200 cod I went back to Dallas.  Most of my friends were getting married.   I on the other hand, order creatine 1200 cod was not. At one point I remember having seven bridesmaids dresses in my closet.    I kept thinking if I had sewn, order creatine 1200 cod I could have made a lovely quilt. I was the one in my group who ventured outside the conventional realm and at some point during all the weddings, order creatine 1200 cod I found myself in a relationship with a woman.   Leave it to me to throw the boulder in the creek.   I have no regrets throwing that stone.    At the same time, order creatine 1200 cod those moments must have been quite a ride outside the box for my friends. I didn’t just dazzle them with the news of Meleah. I made sure to throw in my newly discovered views in politics and religion to make things really interesting.      Today I am a long way from those years of weddings, order creatine 1200 cod Texas and my years with Meleah and all we went through together.  So much has changed since then.     So, order creatine 1200 cod so much. I sit outside in the evenings these days thinking about my years in Texas, order creatine 1200 cod  my family, order creatine 1200 cod and what I am seeing now from my home in Studio City.      Watching the years and days pass with George Bush as president, order creatine 1200 cod wondering why and how I got here. I'm wondering how we all got here.   I cry some nights.   I cry for a number of reasons. I cry for what is happening to our country. I cry for what has happened to my relationship with my family. I cry because I feel so incredibly expendable.  I look at my choices (is it a choice really?) to speak out at the actions taken by an arrogant, order creatine 1200 cod wreckless Administration. I look at the unquenchable thirst for more, order creatine 1200 cod the exploitations and betrayals, order creatine 1200 cod the constant fear and doubt manufactured against citizens across the globe, order creatine 1200 cod and the damage by which such already wealthy factions have attained so much more, order creatine 1200 cod at so many's expense.  Resources that belong to everyone, order creatine 1200 cod but they have claimed it as their own. How can anyone with eyes ignore it? I look at some in my family.  I look at who we are are now versus where we were thirty years ago.    I look at the choices. I look at my refusal to sign a property/trust Agreement Jim and Debbie wanted me to sign. I was the only one in the family who decided not sign it. I did not agree with what it said.    Some within my family did not agree with my choice in not signing. But I did not agree with what it said.   As such I did not do what they wanted me to do. I’m trying to decipher now what has taken place since that time, order creatine 1200 cod and other times. I'm trying to understand a world that has increasingly become nonsensical. What and/or who has initiated the harassment, order creatine 1200 cod intimidation and the privacy and property invasions? When did I become so important to warrant the violations in my life? I’m trying to understand why money means so much to some people - what it signifies to them? I certainly realize the value of money, order creatine 1200 cod but I also realize the price of making it too valuable. At times I rehearse conversations in my head of what I would like to say to those who have meant so much to me. I rehearse, order creatine 1200 cod but I don't perform. How do you reach those who have no interest in being reached? That is an answer I dont have. Lots of questions these days.   Not as many answers. No one should have to sacrifice their truth and their dignity in order to make someone else feel comfortable and/or vindicated, order creatine 1200 cod especially at the expense of so much. At least, order creatine 1200 cod in what we call a "free country". Because a free country, order creatine 1200 cod ironically, order creatine 1200 cod is the most secure. Not through illegal arrests, order creatine 1200 cod tasers, order creatine 1200 cod or cameras, order creatine 1200 cod which illegally incarcerate, order creatine 1200 cod abuse, order creatine 1200 cod and frighten everyone. When we choose to relinquish our freedom, order creatine 1200 cod our truth and our voice, order creatine 1200 cod we have no freedom. We are reduced to slaves. Feels like such a long, order creatine 1200 cod long time from those days sitting at the piano with Debbie playing Anchors Away. Someone show me the way home, order creatine 1200 cod wherever it is.