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Yawning may keep us 'on the ball' Tyler Crotty yawns as President Bush speaks

This boy's brain may just have been getting warm, order discount indocin the study suggests

Yawning may appear the height of rudeness, order discount indocin but in fact your body is desperately trying to keep you awake, order discount indocin according to research from the US.

Psychologists who studied 44 students concluded that yawning sent cooler air to the brain, order discount indocin helping it to stay alert. Order discount indocin Yawning therefore delays sleep rather than promotes it, order discount indocin the study in Evolutionary Psychology suggested. Order discount indocin The desire to yawn when others do so may also be a mechanism to help a group stay alert in the face of danger. Order discount indocin The common wisdom is that people yawn because they need oxygen, order discount indocin but the researchers at the University of Albany in New York said their experiments showed that raising or lowering oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the blood did not produce that reaction. Order discount indocin The next time you are telling a story and a listener yawns there is no need to be offended - yawning, order discount indocin a physiological mechanism designed to maintain attention, order discount indocin turns out to be a compliment   http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/6268428.stm