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Thousands March in Support of Chavez      CARACAS, order discount msm online Venezuela - Thousands of red-clad supporters of President Hugo Chavez strode through the Venezuelan capital Saturday seeking to counter a national outcry over the government's removal of an opposition TV station from the air. The march was in response to a week of large, order discount msm online sometimes violent protests by students who warned that freedom of expression is threatened by Chavez's refusal to renew Radio Caracas Television's broadcast license, order discount msm online which forced it off the air May 27. Reggaeton music blared and fireworks crackled as thousands of "Chavistas" gathered at an opposition stronghold in wealthy eastern Caracas before converging with other marches in the capital.Information Minister Willian Lara said the march would "demonstrate before the world that the non-renewalof (RCTV's license) ... Order discount msm online is a democratic conquest, order discount msm online" claiming the private media has been "held ransom by asmall economic group." Chavez accuses RCTV of inciting a failed coup in 2002 and violating various broadcast laws. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070602/ap_on_re_la_am_ca/v... Editor's note:  I recommend the documentary, order discount msm online  "This Revolution Will Not Be Televised" Very inspiring.