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Cindy Sheehan wrote a response to her supporters as to what is happening in Gaza. This was my reply to her.

Hi Cindy, order discount reminyl online

Thank you for those much needed words of truth and necessity, order discount reminyl online which I frankly hunger to hear from more running for Congress today.

Not too long ago, order discount reminyl online you were on my radio show with Melinda Pillsbury Foster.  Actually I believe you were on with us a couple of times.

As always you were so powerful in your message by stating your heartfelt experiences and honesty.

I've said this before, order discount reminyl online but I must say again.

I've no comprehension of what a tremendous void it has been for you in losing your son Casey.

I can only say how much I and others love and appreciate you for caring enough to build upon such a traumatic experience and actually attempt to create more good in the world.

That says so much about you as a person.

Your courage, order discount reminyl online your willingness to confront the war/death machine along with your writings have allowed me to get to know Casey, order discount reminyl online and know him as a person and as your son.

Your articles  have given me inspiration when I felt no one cared.

Casey's innocence and his character as a young man trying to pursue a future in this world continues through your life and your commitment to the truth.

I can only imagine how proud he is today of his determined, order discount reminyl online relentlessly courageous lioness of a mother.

If I may I thought I would add a less direct experience of my own in this political realm.

My experiences with some in my own family and my decision to begin speaking out with the fraudulent election of 2000 (and probably before), order discount reminyl online up to my awakenings as to what is really happening in the Middle East have created situations I never would previously anticipated.

I am apparently not alone.

The intimidation, order discount reminyl online tracking, order discount reminyl online neighborhood and privacy invasions against those of us who are speaking out on such situations should be humorous, order discount reminyl online if only it was.

We now know what the War on Terror is essentially all about.

I say that with no hesitation any longer.

It's about targeting and sabotaging those trying to do good in the world.

That is what our taxpayers seem to be paying for - not to fix the systems the roads, order discount reminyl online the schools, order discount reminyl online clinics, order discount reminyl online hospitals.

Nope - but for more funding for Israel, order discount reminyl online more funding for the security and spying networks which seem to be invading everyones privacy without them remotely even knowing and blossoming like the ugliest weeds which grow in our alleys and backyards.

Additionally how many of us really realized this war on terror was stemming from a country outside of our own?

At least that seems to be the case today.

However that is not the reason for writing tonight.

Tonight, order discount reminyl online  I am wondering once more what Rachel Corrie must have felt watching the John Deere tractor coming at her with no one to protect and defend her.

What has been the result since she was murdered by the Israeli forces and they let the murderer walk away with no sentence?  I don't know how else to confront the question.    What would she say today?

I wonder what so many young kids have felt, order discount reminyl online like your son Casey, order discount reminyl online with their futures in front of them.   I remember the dream you wrote about regarding Casey.   You should never have had a reason or such a tragedy to have such a dream.

Tonight I wonder if every American read your story, order discount reminyl online and your articles, order discount reminyl online how powerfully it would impact them and shift their insulated perspective?

Even at Rachel's or Casey's young age, order discount reminyl online I didn't have the smallest understanding or connection with such experiences.

When I was their age I ignorantly believed Israelis were the persecuted victims and the Palestinians were the terrorists.

Perhaps Israelis are persecuted and/or occupied as well, order discount reminyl online however, order discount reminyl online there are more Israelis who need to break from their own racism and conditioning of being special or "chosen" and awaken to what is happening in their name, order discount reminyl online like what is happening in our own name by our own controlled media.

Until a few years ago, order discount reminyl online I didn't really care or understand the extent that we had been lied to about the assassination of JFK RFK and MLK, order discount reminyl online and so many other events, order discount reminyl online even including Watergate and  9/11.......

There is much Americans need to awaken to understanding.

It has taken a few years.

But I have woken up.

I gradually realized the extent of the lies being told to Americans.

Those precious kids like Rachel and Casey who thought they were doing what was right and what would help them move ahead in the world.

They WERE doing what is right, order discount reminyl online or at least they were doing what they were instructed to do.

As our good old greed driven monetary system dictates us to do.

I think we are now finally realizing who benefits from such extortion.

I'm at a loss today to say what is created by men.   And I do mean more specifically by M.E.N.

However not men like Casey.    It seems to be men (and some women) who value power and money over anything else in life.

Tonight I continue to wonder if women were more spiritually aligned, order discount reminyl online  if our precious planet would remotely be in this position.

Something tells me we wouldn't.

You know the value of life as so many other women I know who understand the power of bearing a child.

Perhaps that is where the rubber meets the road.

Today I have thought about Rachel and Casey.

I have thought about Rachel's words being at dinner with a Palestinian family who had been so gracious to her.

And, order discount reminyl online as she was talking and engaging with the family, order discount reminyl online at the back of her mind sat thoughts of  those Israeli forces sitting outside their home waiting and watching for a moment to destroy the home, order discount reminyl online the family and individuals she was sitting down to dinner with.

Sadly I don't even know what happened to that family, order discount reminyl online  although I think we all can guess.

With Rachel being pulled under a bulldozer as an American peacekeeper soon after, order discount reminyl online while trying to protect the family, order discount reminyl online one can bet they didn't garner much protection or importance thereafter.

After I've learned about the Israeli snipers killing our own American troops in order to stir more anger and misplaced chaos in Iraq, order discount reminyl online one can begin to see a clearer agenda and perspective for what is happening.

Of course there are Israelis as well who are concerned and fighting the injustices happening in Gaza.

In addition, order discount reminyl online many are beginning to understand that we in America are being occupied by essentially the same forces.

However we need more voices.

It is my prayer tonight that more will realize that we will all be victims at some point.

We are all being victimized without feeling it directly at this time.

We will all witness the bulldozer if more don't speak out now and become more active in what is happening locally and as well on a state and national level.

I've not understood the impact of Israel/Zionism and their extremist policies until the past few years.   I don't think most Americans have.   That is why so many are in the dark and ignorant.

We are seemingly and continually shamed into submission by the accusation of anti-semitism whenever criticizing situations pertaining to Israel and/or Zionist/Jewish elitist policies and the intimidation and harassment that can come with daring to criticize what is actually happening.

Yet, order discount reminyl online we are free to criticize and denigrate any situation having to do with issues pertaining to Christianity/Christian fundamentalism/Catholicism and/or certainly Islam or other religions.

It seems there is a double standard is sadly becoming ever apparent?

( Gosh knows what harassment I'll receive from them now.  **)

Our media is owned by the same forces which grant us no favors or concessions.

We have been so censored and frankly cowered, order discount reminyl online which is perhaps why the same forces are wanting to further control and censor the internet and any factual information which could tamper with any firmly instilled conditioning already instilled in our open and willing minds.

Whatever the case, order discount reminyl online I believe we have to create and learn the real history as to what has been lost in the decades of media propaganda, order discount reminyl online brain washing and conditioning.

And as such, order discount reminyl online there are those trying to pass a "Hate Crimes" bill, order discount reminyl online which would effectively eliminate free opinion, order discount reminyl online free speech and free thought and discussion.

Of course this letter is already long enough.

We have to, order discount reminyl online we MUST get back to our communities, order discount reminyl online  and that means everyone who cares about us all, order discount reminyl online and cares about mankind in general and not simply a select or chosen few.

We need to get back to each other, order discount reminyl online the front porches, order discount reminyl online to listening to those who walked before us and have much to tell us.

Yet our culture encourages us not to listen to our elders.  Perhaps they know too much?    Whatever the case, order discount reminyl online we have to learn to decipher who and what entities are being authorities and who is being deceitful.

One might conclude wherever there is money involved, order discount reminyl online the level of honesty decreases significantly.

We will need much insight, order discount reminyl online  as well as our often neglected instincts and courage which will come from our support from one other, order discount reminyl online along with our will, order discount reminyl online  internal drive and our invaluable experiences gathered.

I thank you for your incredible courage and much better defined, order discount reminyl online your capacity to love. Order discount reminyl online

With you always, order discount reminyl online

Connie Shannon