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Henin returns with new outlook on tennis http://www.everyjoe.com/files/54/2006/11/jhhbestweb.jpg - Associated Press Writer By JOCELYN GECKER MELBOURNE, order dostinex cod Australia — Justine Henin is making her Grand Slam comeback with a new perspective on life and tennis. The seven-time Grand Slam champion stunned the tennis world in May 2008 by announcing her retirement while ranked No. Order dostinex cod 1, order dostinex cod saying she had lost her passion for the sport. Fast forward to 2010, order dostinex cod Henin says her time off gave her a new and improved mindset. Order dostinex cod Add that to her explosive speed and devastating backhand. "I don't think things are going to be the same as before because I have learned a lot in the last 18 months, order dostinex cod" a relaxed Henin told a pre-tournament news conference Saturday. Order dostinex cod "I wouldn't say I've changed, order dostinex cod but I probably grew up." During her time off, order dostinex cod the 27-year-old Henin became a UNICEF goodwill ambassador. She traveled to Congo and Cambodia to work on vaccination campaigns for children in impoverished countries. In late 2007, order dostinex cod she and her husband of five years divorced. "I realized that I was somebody (besides) being a tennis player. And this person is really important to me now, order dostinex cod" said Henin, order dostinex cod who won the Australian title in 2004. She withdrew with an abdominal strain in the 2006 final, order dostinex cod skipped the 2007 edition and lost to Maria Sharapova in the 2008 quarterfinals - her last major. Henin is unseeded and unranked in Melbourne - she can't qualify for a WTA tour ranking until she has played three tournaments - quite a change for her. "To come here without a ranking, order dostinex cod I'm impatient to refind my place, order dostinex cod that's clear, order dostinex cod because I like to win, order dostinex cod" said Henin, order dostinex cod who faces fellow Belgian Kirsten Flipkens in the first round. "But today that's not what I'm preoccupied with. Order dostinex cod I'm focused on refinding my confidence and finding a new equilibrium. Order dostinex cod But I know that comes little by little." Time off certainly didn't hurt another Belgian Kim Clijsters - who won the U.S. Order dostinex cod Open in her third tournament back from retirement. "I never expected to be playing on tour again. Order dostinex cod My mindset was never there, order dostinex cod" Clijsters said Saturday. During a two-year break, order dostinex cod Clijsters got married, order dostinex cod had a baby and, order dostinex cod like Henin, order dostinex cod acquired a new outlook. "The two years I was away, order dostinex cod a lot of things changed in my life and a lot of good things happened, order dostinex cod and I wouldn't change it for a thing, order dostinex cod" said the 15th-seeded Clijsters, order dostinex cod adding she doesn't plan to play as much tennis as before. "My focus is not really based on ranking as much as trying to aim for the big tournaments, order dostinex cod" said Clijsters, order dostinex cod who looks to add a third Grand Slam title. Clijsters plans to play about 15 tournaments this year. "My schedule for this year is far from being busy, order dostinex cod" the 26-year-old Belgian said. "Obviously, order dostinex cod my situation now, order dostinex cod with the family, order dostinex cod I think it's important for me also to have the life at home a little bit." Clijsters made history at the U.S. Order dostinex cod Open, order dostinex cod becoming the first unseeded woman to win the Open - and the first mother to win a singles major since 1980. The return of Henin and Clijsters - who could face each other in the quarterfinals - has added new energy to women's tennis and raised expectations at Melbourne Park. "I honestly hope that this will be one of the most exciting years in women's tennis, order dostinex cod" said Sharapova, order dostinex cod the 2008 Australian Open champion who returned in May after 10 months off because of shoulder surgery. "You have the story lines of the comebacks. Order dostinex cod You have the depth of the top 10, order dostinex cod" said Sharapova, order dostinex cod who is seeded No. Order dostinex cod 14. Order dostinex cod "There's many possibilities." http://www.sacbee.com/859/story/2467217.html