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When politics and tennis meet.... Order elimite cod politically incorrect or acts of conviction? Politics and sports have often mixed, order elimite cod in a somewhat controversial cocktail--think Mohammed Ali. But athletes are also private citizens, order elimite cod passionate about their beliefs and entitled to their opinions. Order elimite cod And some tennis players are opening up and making their opinions heard, order elimite cod while other issues play themselves out on the court. Here in the States, order elimite cod James Blake has been a fan of Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama, order elimite cod reading one of the Illinois Senator’s books, order elimite cod “Dreams from My Father.” On the international front, order elimite cod just recently Novak Djokovic, order elimite cod now a hero in his native Serbia, order elimite cod attended a rally in Belgrade, order elimite cod where he made a speech against Kosovo’s declaration of independence from Serbia. Order elimite cod He also appeared on a television program, order elimite cod where he mentioned his disapproval of the state’s attempted dissolution from Serbia, order elimite cod itself a republic of the former Yugoslavia. "Kosovo is part of Serbia. Order elimite cod It’s part of our country... Order elimite cod I know the [history] but I don’t want to talk about that. Order elimite cod It was Serbian. Order elimite cod And for me it is Serbian, order elimite cod and always will be, order elimite cod" he said in Dubai last week. Order elimite cod "My father came from there. Order elimite cod My uncle and most of my family lived there for a long time. Order elimite cod I have been there many times." While some players, order elimite cod such as Justine Henin, order elimite cod have made statements that sports and politics should not mix, order elimite cod Djokovic highlighted the importance of being involved. "I wasn’t interested in politics but this is not only politics, order elimite cod this is something really serious." While drawing some controversy, order elimite cod Djokovic’s comments did not draw as much backlash as those of Marcos Baghdatis earlier this year. After a video of Baghdatis chanting anti-Turkish sentiments at a barbeque held by the Hellas Fan Club, order elimite cod a political group, order elimite cod surfaced on the internet during the Australian Open in January, order elimite cod Baghdatis came under fire. Order elimite cod Though he refused to apologize, order elimite cod he did issue a statement defending his views. “In that video from 2007 I was supporting the interest of my country, order elimite cod Cyprus, order elimite cod while protesting against a situation that is not recognized by the United Nations, order elimite cod” referring to the Turkish minority who occupy a part of northern Cyprus, order elimite cod but lack true political autonomy, order elimite cod due to a vote against the proposition by Greek-Cypriots in a 2004 referendum. “Now I would like to concentrate on the tournament and ask everyone to respect that. Order elimite cod I love the Australian Open and want to do well here, order elimite cod" he concluded. But while it appears at times that the world is growing apart rather than closer together, order elimite cod there are a few rainbows in the sky. Order elimite cod In February, order elimite cod Shahar Peer became the first Israeli athlete to compete in a sanctioned event in Qatar, order elimite cod a Muslim country in the Persian Gulf. Order elimite cod Israelis previously had visa issues when attempting to enter certain Middle Eastern countries, order elimite cod a reflection of the region's continuing conflict between Israel and Palestine, order elimite cod but Peer received a warm reception. Sania Mirza, order elimite cod a Muslim, order elimite cod partnered with Peer last year in doubles events, order elimite cod just as Israeli Amir Hadad and Pakistani Aisam-Ul-Haq Qureshi paired up at Wimbledon in 2002, order elimite cod a first at the time. Order elimite cod The duo earned the ATP's Arthur Ashe Humanitarian Award for promoting "tolerance through tennis" in February 2003. While the debate continues on where and when politics and sports should mix—if at all—tennis remains an international sport and thus, order elimite cod while the lines on the court are clearly called, order elimite cod the political and personal lines will continue to blur. http://www.tennis.com/backcourt/general/backcourt.aspx?id=122346