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Powerful.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgFf0ujpaj0&feature=related Genevieve Cora Fraser writes "Peace, order femara online Propaganda and the Promised Land" is a bare knuckled examination of how media coverage in America is most definitely distorted and unequivocally used as a form of propaganda for Israeli interests. Order femara online American and British TV news clips are interspersed with observations of analysts, order femara online journalists, order femara online and political activists and the difference between American and British broadcasting becomes all too obvious. Order femara online I was amazed at how by showing the behind the scenes reality, order femara online Dan Rather and other TV newscaster superstars are exposed as the propaganda artists they truly are -- parroting the party line as written and directed by the current administration and it's Israeli-American-Zionist friends. Order femara online American public opinion is not only shaped by these distortions, order femara online the distortions are infused throughout all political debate on the issue and, order femara online along with millions of dollars in campaign donations from Israeli American lobbies, order femara online is the reason why Congress votes as it does and continues to fund the Israeli war machine to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars each year (whether or not they need it). Order femara online Over thirty percent of all American foreign aide money goes to Israel, order femara online which is hardly a poor nation by current world statistics.Topics covered by the documentary include a behind the scenes introduction to the American media and how the truth of Israel's brutal occupation of the Palestinian Territories is rarely exposed for what it is - an Israeli colonization of what remains of Palestine, order femara online where the Palestinian violence is a reaction to the overwhelming force of the occupying power. Order femara online "Peace, order femara online Propaganda and the Promised Land exposes all of that and more - a way to peace by telling the truth no matter how painful, order femara online bonding friendships and coalitions with mutual respect, order femara online and opening the door to a common future for all people of the Promised Land not through propaganda but substantive dialogue and recognition of the needs and rights of all."Peace, order femara online Propaganda and the Promised Land" was produced and directed by Bathsheba Ratzkoff and University of Massachusetts Professor of Communication Sut Jhally. Order femara online The film was edited by Bathsheba Ratzkoff and Kenyon King. Order femara online Interviewees include Seth Ackerman, order femara online IDF Major Stav Adivi, order femara online Rabbi Arik Ascherman, order femara online Hanan Ashrawi, order femara online Noam Chomsky, order femara online Robert Fisk, order femara online Dr. Order femara online Neve Gordon, order femara online Toufic Haddad, order femara online Sam Husseini, order femara online Hussein Ibish, order femara online Robert Jensen, order femara online Rabbi Michael Lerner, order femara online Karen Pfeifer, order femara online Alisa Solomon, order femara online and Gila Svirsky. http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL0406/S00090.htm