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Hawaii peace activist Ann Wright released from Israeli custody http://www.dallasairamerica.org/annewright.jpg                                                                                                   By Star-Bulletin Staff Honolulu peace activist Ann Wright is heading back to Hawaii after being released from Israeli custody following a deadly confrontation over a flotilla of ships carrying aid to Gaza, order imuran cod a colleague said. "She should be on her way back to Hawaii today, order imuran cod" wrote Greta Berlin of Free Gaza, order imuran cod organizer of the so-called Freedom Flotilla, order imuran cod in an e-mail. Wright was one of 464 people who, order imuran cod along with the bodies of nine activists killed in the raid, order imuran cod were flown to Turkey yesterday after Israeli officials deported them. Order imuran cod It was unclear whether she would be heading directly back to Hawaii or would stopover on the mainland where she has relatives. In an interview broadcast on the website democracynow.org, order imuran cod Wright said she was aboard the Challenger 1, order imuran cod a small, order imuran cod American-flagged ship, order imuran cod when she saw Israeli forces board the Mavi Marmara, order imuran cod the ferry that served as the flagship of the six-vessel flotilla, order imuran cod from a helicopter and from Zodiac boats. Order imuran cod The Israeli forces then turned on the other ships. "Our boat was boarded, order imuran cod" she said. Order imuran cod "People were thrown on the deck. Order imuran cod Windows were blown out. Order imuran cod Flash bangs were used." "One of the women was hit in the face, order imuran cod in the nose, order imuran cod with one of the liquid-filled balls. Order imuran cod They were very excessively rough, order imuran cod excessively forceful, order imuran cod on trying to slow down, order imuran cod stop--actually, order imuran cod we were already stopped. Order imuran cod They weren't stopping us at all. Order imuran cod We were already dead in the water, order imuran cod and yet all of this force used on us." Earlier, order imuran cod Wright had been seen in a videotape of detainees being brought into Ashdod, order imuran cod an Israeli port. Order imuran cod In the interview, order imuran cod she said she was held at a "brand new Israeli prison" in Barsheba, order imuran cod where she was treated well. Order imuran cod But she said that law enforcement officials upon her departure, order imuran cod airport law enforcement officials were "laughing, order imuran cod giggling, order imuran cod commenting on (the) wounded and dead. Order imuran cod It was a very pitiful, order imuran cod pitiful performance by law enforcement people."  Original article: http://www.starbulletin.com/news/breaking/95555439.html