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21 Ways to make New Years Resolutions http://static.squidoo.com/resize/squidoo_images/-1/draft_lens2395800module13633312photo_1242080706mental-exercises.jpg Happy New Year to all. Order no rx colace I don't usually promote 21 ways to do anything, order no rx colace namely resolutions, order no rx colace but these I found 'post worthy'...  I figure in the long run, order no rx colace positive resolutions can't do us any harm, order no rx colace can they?  Most of us try to remain positive I think. Order no rx colace With that said, order no rx colace the one resolution on this list that doesn't resonate, order no rx colace at least with me, order no rx colace is the familiar belief in stearing away from any form of negativity. Not that I think we should readily seek it out of course.  However I see this type of resistance or denial of reality so often in our media, order no rx colace books and publications.   I don't think it serves us. Order no rx colace The truth is, order no rx colace life is made up of both 'positive' and 'negative'. At the risk of sounding simplistic, order no rx colace that can be a good and/or certainly necessary thing. Life is ebb and flow. None of us escape the negative pulls of life, order no rx colace as much as we all may try at times. Perhaps if we didn't try as hard to avoid them it wouldn't be as bad. Or perhaps the wisdom comes with knowing when to hold and knowing when to fold.... Hopefully we walk through the situations of life and not around them and/or pass the "negative" onto someone else. The life situations we often perceive as being negative can force us to be more real. Or at least convince us to reflect on previous choices made. Seems to me we need to honor them more, order no rx colace support ourselves and others as we go through the "negatives" of life, order no rx colace as much as we honor and celebrate the positives. A dear friend of mine said to me recently as she has a few times, order no rx colace she doesn't like confrontation.  I also learned her childhood and early adult years had been rife with situations where family members often placed her inappropriately in the middle of things, order no rx colace in order buffer potential explosive situations.  Needless to say that will turn anyone off of confrontations. Order no rx colace    With that said, order no rx colace I don't think any one of us relish the thought of potentially being made the bad guy for what is sometimes our responsibility to speak up.  When others tell us they don't like confrontation, order no rx colace we perhaps could reply, order no rx colace "who does?" With that said perhaps some do enjoy nose to nose dialog. I think its safe to say, order no rx colace most of us don't like confrontation where we cannot predict the outcome. Additionally how could we fully appreciate the "positives" in our lives without the "negatives"? We can't deny one and cling to another.   Actually I guess we can, order no rx colace however denying one while clinging to another doesn't create the fluidity in life most of us are seeking.  Just take a look at a battery. It's not comprised of two positives :) With that said let the 21 Resolutions begin and wishing everyone the best for 2010! Here is the link where you can find the original article and more information on making such resolutions a reality. http://www.beliefnet.com/Health/Healthy-Living/Simple-New-Years-Resolutions.aspx?p=2121 21 Resolutions to make simple New Years Resolutions: 1.)   Write down your goals 2.)  Excercise your "want" muscle 3.)  Take a leap of faith 4.)  Create a plan 5.)   Set your mind 6.)  Be specific 7.)  Visualize 8.)  Less is more 9.)  Find a resolution buddy 10.) Set a time table 11.) Create a vision board 12.) Take a (level headed*) risk 13.)  Remind yourself of the goals daily 14.) Accentuate the positive 15.)  Celebrate failure 16.) Start a journal 17.) Get some positive daily inspiration 18.) Stear clear of negatively (*ahem* ) 19.) Fake it till you make it 20.) Develop patience 21.) Remember you matter  - (as do others :)