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A wonderful article by Alison Weir revealing how Americans are continually misinformed by our media on the subject of Israel/Palestine through journalistic (and military) allegiances to Israel, order no rx flomax a myriad of conflicts of interest and slanted coverage. All in the Family By ALISON WEIR Recent exposés revealing that Ethan Bronner, order no rx flomax the New York Times' Israel-Palestine bureau chief, order no rx flomax has a son in the Israeli military have caused a storm of controversy that continues to swirl and generate further revelations. Order no rx flomax (See my piece for CounterPunch, order no rx flomax The NYT's Ethan Bronner's Conflict With Impartiality.) Many people find such a sign of family partisanship in an editor covering a foreign conflict troubling – especially given the Times’ record of Israel-centric journalism. Times management at first refused to confirm Bronner’s situation, order no rx flomax then refused to comment on it. Order no rx flomax Finally, order no rx flomax public outcry forced Times Public Editor Clark Hoyt to confront the problem in a February 7th column. After bending over backwards to praise the institution that employs him, order no rx flomax Hoyt ultimately opined that Bronner should be re-assigned to a different sphere of reporting to avoid the “appearance” of bias. Order no rx flomax Times Editor Bill Keller declined to do so, order no rx flomax however, order no rx flomax instead writing a column calling Bronner’s connections to Israel valuable because they “supply a measure of sophistication about Israel and its adversaries that someone with no connections would lack.” If such “sophistication” is valuable, order no rx flomax the Times’ espoused commitment to the “impartiality and neutrality of the company's newsrooms” would seem to require it to have a balancing editor equally sophisticated about Palestine and its adversary, order no rx flomax but Keller did not address that. Bronner is far from alone. As it turns out, order no rx flomax Bronner’s ties to the Israeli military are not the rarity one might expect. • A previous Times bureau chief, order no rx flomax Joel Greenberg, order no rx flomax before he was bureau chief but after he was already publishing in the Times from Israel, order no rx flomax actually served in the Israeli army. • Media pundit and Atlantic staffer Jeffrey Goldberg also served in the Israeli military; it's unclear when, order no rx flomax how, order no rx flomax or even if his military service ended. • Richard Chesnoff, order no rx flomax who has been covering Mideast events for more than 40 years, order no rx flomax had a son serving in the Israeli military while Chesnoff covered Israel as US News & World Report's senior foreign correspondent. • NPR's Linda Gradstein’s husband was an Israeli sniper and may still be in the Israeli reserves. Order no rx flomax NPR refuses to disclose whether Gradstein herself is also an Israeli citizen, order no rx flomax as are her children and husband. • Mitch Weinstock, order no rx flomax national editor for the San Diego Union-Tribune, order no rx flomax served in the Israeli military. • The New York Times’ other correspondent from the region, order no rx flomax Isabel Kershner, order no rx flomax is an Israeli citizen. Order no rx flomax Israel has universal compulsory military service, order no rx flomax which suggests that Kershner herself and/or family members may have military connections. Order no rx flomax The Times refuses to answer questions about whether she and/or family members have served or are currently serving in the Israeli military. Order no rx flomax Is it possible that Times Foreign Editor Susan Chira herself has such connections? The Times refuses to answer. • Many Associated Press writers and editors are Israeli citizens or have Israeli families. Order no rx flomax AP will not reveal how many of the journalists in its control bureau for the region currently serve in the Israeli military, order no rx flomax how many have served in the past, order no rx flomax and how many have family members with this connection. • Similarly, order no rx flomax many TV correspondents such as Martin Fletcher have been Israeli citizens and/or have Israeli families. Order no rx flomax Do they have family connections to the Israeli military? • Time Magazine's bureau chief several years ago became an Israeli citizen after he had assumed his post. Order no rx flomax Does he have relatives in the military? • CNN's Wolf Blitzer, order no rx flomax while not an Israeli citizen, order no rx flomax was based in Israel for many years, order no rx flomax wrote a book whitewashing Israeli spying on the US, order no rx flomax and used to work for the Israel lobby in the US. Order no rx flomax None of this is divulged to CNN viewers. Tikkun's editor Michael Lerner has a son who served in the Israeli military. Order no rx flomax While Lerner has been a strong critic of many Israeli policies, order no rx flomax in an interview with Jewish Week, order no rx flomax Lerner explains: “Having a son in the Israeli army was a manifestation of my love for Israel, order no rx flomax and I assume that having a son in the Israeli army is a manifestation of Bronner’s love of Israel." Lerner goes on to make a fundamental point: "...there is a difference in my emotional and spiritual connection to these two sides [Israelis and Palestinians]. Order no rx flomax On the one side is my family; on the other side are decent human beings. Order no rx flomax I want to support human beings all over the planet but I have a special connection to my family. Order no rx flomax I don’t deny it.” For a great many of the reporters and editors determining what Americans learn about Israel-Palestine, order no rx flomax Israel is family. Jonathan Cook, order no rx flomax a British journalist based in Nazareth, order no rx flomax writes of a recent meeting with a Jerusalem based bureau chief, order no rx flomax who explained: “… Bronner’s situation is ‘the rule, order no rx flomax not the exception. Order no rx flomax I can think of a dozen foreign bureau chiefs, order no rx flomax responsible for covering both Israel and the Palestinians, order no rx flomax who have served in the Israeli army, order no rx flomax and another dozen who like Bronner have kids in the Israeli army.” Cooks writes that the bureau chief explained: “It is common to hear Western reporters boasting to one another about their Zionist credentials, order no rx flomax their service in the Israeli army or the loyal service of their children.” Apparently, order no rx flomax intimate ties to Israel are among the many open secrets in the region that are hidden from the American public. Order no rx flomax If, order no rx flomax as the news media insist, order no rx flomax these ties present no problem or even, order no rx flomax as the Times’ Keller insists, order no rx flomax enhance the journalists’ work, order no rx flomax why do the news agencies consistently refuse to admit them? The reason is not complicated. While Israel may be family for these journalists and editors, order no rx flomax for the vast majority of Americans, order no rx flomax Israel is a foreign country. Order no rx flomax In survey after survey, order no rx flomax Americans say they don’t wish to “take sides” on this conflict. Order no rx flomax In other words, order no rx flomax the American public wants full, order no rx flomax unfiltered, order no rx flomax unslanted coverage. Quite likely the news media refuse to answer questions about their journalists’ affiliations because they suspect, order no rx flomax accurately, order no rx flomax that the public would be displeased to learn that the reporters and editors charged with supplying news on a foreign nation and conflict are, order no rx flomax in fact, order no rx flomax partisans. While Keller claims that the New York Times is covering this conflict “even-handedly, order no rx flomax” studies indicate otherwise: * The Times covers international reports documenting Israeli human rights abuses at a rate 19 times lower than it reports on the far smaller number of international reports documenting Palestinian human rights abuses. * The Times covers Israeli children’s deaths at rates seven times greater than they cover Palestinian children’s deaths, order no rx flomax even though there are vastly more of the latter and they occurred first. * The Times fails to inform its readers that Israel’s Jewish-only colonies on confiscated Palestinian Christian and Muslim land are illegal; that its collective punishment of 1.5 million men, order no rx flomax women, order no rx flomax and children in Gaza is not only cruel and ruthless, order no rx flomax it is also illegal; and that its use of American weaponry is routinely in violation of American laws. * The Times covers the one Israeli (a soldier) held by Palestinians at a rate incalculably higher than it reports on the Palestinian men, order no rx flomax women, order no rx flomax and children – the vast majority civilians – imprisoned by Israel (currently over 7, order no rx flomax000). • The Times neglects to report that hundreds of Israel’s captives have never even been charged with a crime and that those who have were tried in Israeli military courts under an array of bizarre military statutes that make even the planting of onions without a permit a criminal offense – a legal system, order no rx flomax if one can call it that, order no rx flomax that changes at the whim of the current military governor ruling over a subject population; a system in which parents are without power to protect their children. * The Times fails to inform its readers that 40 percent of Palestinian males have been imprisoned by Israel, order no rx flomax a statistic that normally would be considered highly newsworthy, order no rx flomax but that Bronner, order no rx flomax Kershner, order no rx flomax and Chira apparently feel is unimportant to report. Americans, order no rx flomax whose elected representatives give Israel uniquely gargantuan sums of our tax money (a situation also not covered by the media), order no rx flomax want and need all the facts, order no rx flomax not just those that Israel’s family members decree reportable. We’re not getting them. Original article can be found at: http://counterpunch.org/weir02262010.html Alison Weir is executive director of If Americans Knew and a board member of the Council for the National Interest (CNI). Order no rx flomax For more information on Ethan Bronner and his upcoming speaking tour on college campuses, order no rx flomax join IAK’Semail list. Order no rx flomax Alison can be reached at contact@ifamericansknew.org