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 http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3093/2724031099_6c8eedbe80.jpg?v=0 Yesterday I realized I needed to make some clarifications with regards to the piece I wrote about my family (Where did all the Shannon's go?) a few days ago.  And additionally I want to express how much I have valued hearing from friends. Order no rx trazodone   An old friend posted something very kind on Facebook yesterday.   He reminded me that while my brother and/or brothers may disagree, order no rx trazodone it's an issue that matters to me, order no rx trazodone and that, order no rx trazodone in and of itself, order no rx trazodone should matter. Order no rx trazodone   Thank you Mike. Order no rx trazodone   I think it should too :)   I also realized in my haste and desire to get something posted, order no rx trazodone I failed to paint a broader picture of things, order no rx trazodone that, order no rx trazodone while more voluminous, order no rx trazodone especially on a blog, order no rx trazodone is necessary.   I am coming to understand that, order no rx trazodone in the world of blog writing, order no rx trazodone the reality to include all events, order no rx trazodone thoughts and feelings over a span of decades in one blog post is not very attainable.   If at all. However I need to try. Order no rx trazodone   And I apologize that in my concise post, order no rx trazodone failed to convey that my brother Manning deeply values his family roots and our history. Order no rx trazodone Others who know him would undoubtedly say the same.   I would add he has his own way of paying tribute by collecting historic records and with his own money, order no rx trazodone Manning produced two elegant hard back books profiling two places that were very special to both of us growing up. He didn't make money on the projects.   He did it because he wanted to make a tribute to some places that were landmarks and were significant to him and others in our communitie growing up. Order no rx trazodone   They are historic legacies in their own right and he wanted to help in maintaining such legacies, order no rx trazodone by putting all the information he had collected in book form. Order no rx trazodone         Those projects were labors of love which I and others greatly admire him for pursuing and producing. Years ago as well, order no rx trazodone my brother Manning made for me an wonderful scrap book of old newspaper clippings of my Grandfather, order no rx trazodone my Aunt Connie and a few of my Father. It was a priceless incredibly thoughtful gift.     Whatever issues have been unresolved with the transferral, order no rx trazodone the love and pride for our history and roots is not.   I was also told yesterday by a friend that mentioned to me some individuals don't find comfort in visiting their relatives at the cemetary. Another friend told me she knows her parents aren't there so why go? Good point if that's how one views it. In looking at such a situation from all angles, order no rx trazodone it would seem the reason why the Patriarch or head of the family creates a burial place, order no rx trazodone is to historically mark our place in time here on the planet as shown on our graves and epitaphs.   It is our historical record. My grandfather went to significant lengths to ensure his family's place in history would be present with dignity and in a lovely surrounding. I'm not sure why my oldest brother Jim wanted to transfer our family to Sparkman-Hillcrest, order no rx trazodone primarily because he is not a Shannon.  Perhaps it was to bring all the family members together which in one sense is a terrific idea and wonderful visual to imagine, order no rx trazodone and yet in another way it has felt rather imperious. I think what would have been a better idea would have been to engage us in family dialog and tell us why he/they are interested in bringing all the family members together and how it would be beneficial to move the Shannons from what was their place at Restland?    Perhaps you wonder why I am harping about grave stones. There are actually a number of reasons, order no rx trazodone that are frankly larger than the issue at hand. The larger issue to grave stones and transferrals is the overall method to which situations are handled by certain members of my family, order no rx trazodone who  have taken it upon themselves to dictate familial choices and decisions with the absence of essentially any group family  input or discussion.  It seems to me over time, order no rx trazodone those who have accumulated more power and control in the family, order no rx trazodone have less willingness or tolerance, order no rx trazodone for any other decisions made other than their own. Order no rx trazodone   And because of, order no rx trazodone at times, order no rx trazodone  my unwillingness to agree to certain decisions made by my brother and his wife, order no rx trazodone I have found myself in a less than favorable position for not submitting to certain requests made to me.   It has been a difficult process for me to see such measures being taken, order no rx trazodone for essentially not doing what they want me to do, order no rx trazodone even if I simply don't agree with what is being requested of me to do. Order no rx trazodone Which brings me back to the issue at hand.  I know why I agreed sign the document originally, order no rx trazodone and I believe I made an incorrect choice in doing so. Whatever the case, order no rx trazodone it will continue to be a desire and a goal of mine, order no rx trazodone and hopefully for all of us as a family, order no rx trazodone to see the Shannon's legacy and record given the recognition and respect it deserves. Revisions have been made since the original posting.