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Camp offers comfort to children grieving for parents killed in war   SALADO, order rhinocort cod Texas - "More than  twenty children, order rhinocort cod ranging from 7 to 19 years old attended the one-day camp this past week in Salado, order rhinocort cod near Fort Hood. About 40 parents and other adults attended a separate survivor seminar, order rhinocort cod also run by the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors. At the camp, order rhinocort cod children share their feelings while drawing pictures and stuffing Play-Doh into uninflated balloons to make "stress balls." Teenagers in another room discuss their emotions and write in journals. Cierra Becker, order rhinocort cod 7, order rhinocort cod punched star-shaped holes around a drawing of her dad in his Army uniform and recalled a father-daughter dance just before he was deployed last fall. She wore a red dress - not too frilly, order rhinocort cod she said - and they had a blast. "They put on the hokey pokey on the dance floor, order rhinocort cod and my daddy liked that, order rhinocort cod" she said, order rhinocort cod smiling. Army Staff Sgt. Order rhinocort cod Shane R. Order rhinocort cod Becker was killed in Baghdad in April, order rhinocort cod less than two months after the birth of his second daughter, order rhinocort cod Cheyenna. Order rhinocort cod Cierra wore her red dress at his funeral. "When my daddy was first killed, order rhinocort cod I got really mad. Order rhinocort cod I went outside and I had to scream, order rhinocort cod" Cierra said. Order rhinocort cod "I had a kennel for my dog. Order rhinocort cod It was heavy, order rhinocort cod but I picked it up and I threw it on its side." The girl's mother, order rhinocort cod Crystal Becker of Beeville in south Texas, order rhinocort cod was grateful for the chance to talk with fellow survivors and for her daughter to meet other grieving kids. "Not knowing what will be said about this war or what the outcome will be, order rhinocort cod it wouldn't be fair to her not to be around other children who've been through this, order rhinocort cod" Becker said. "It's hard enough losing someone, order rhinocort cod but losing them to a situation as politically charged as this? I'm not going to let anything take away from their father. Order rhinocort cod They will know he wanted to go to Iraq and wanted to jump out of airplanes because he loved his country, order rhinocort cod but he loved us so much, order rhinocort cod too." More can be read at: http://www.antiwar.com/