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Finding our way in the world of Oz

Connie Shannon

This morning I turned on the television to see if I could find any coverage of US Open tennis. Order soloxine online What I viewed in the seconds I surfed the channels was another reminder of why I don’t watch television anymore. Order soloxine online It’s interesting. Order soloxine online While I don’t watch t.v. Order soloxine online regularly and only resign to turning it on when necessary, order soloxine online it feels akin to what it must be like to experience a kind of full frontal assault. Order soloxine online The loud, order soloxine onlineaggressive words and voices of perfectly manicured, order soloxine online almost mannequinish individuals campaiging for something - whether is selling us a product we must have and/or convincing us of something they declare factual, order soloxine online and/or convicting someone (irregardless of evidence or alternative opinion) of whatever accusations are being leveled at the latest offensive individual, order soloxine online and all within a thirty second sound bite.  The 'culprit' of such crimes rather repetitively is presented as a pretty blonde female or African American male. Order soloxine online At least that is what I have observed over the years when I used to regularly watch television. Order soloxine online Seems as though little has changed in that department. Order soloxine online The level of aggression and testosterone (even in many of the women) driven dialog is so pervasive and unrelenting. Order soloxine online I highly recommend engaging in a monthly fast of the boob tube, order soloxine online or idiot box as a friend of mine calls it, order soloxine online and see how you react when you clutch that remote control after a thirty day detox, order soloxine online and push the power button. Order soloxine online I’ll wager the reaction will be one pretty similar to the one I had this morning. Order soloxine online Speaking of wild, order soloxine online that word seems an accurate description of events going on in the world. Order soloxine online Perhaps tragic is another, order soloxine online but we’ll stick with the wild descriptive for now. Order soloxine online At least, order soloxine online the world appears in a state of essential chaos, order soloxine online as far as all the media outlets would like us to believe. Order soloxine online And promoting chaos promotes fear. Order soloxine online And fear breeds timidity, order soloxine online disconnection from others and ultimately, order soloxine online distrust. Order soloxine online Not to necessarily conclude that all the information being dispensed via the air waves is not, order soloxine online at least by some standards ‘accurate‘, order soloxine online if merely by omission and/or cherry picking of the facts being presented. Order soloxine online At the rate in which the disinformation and propaganda is being churned out these days, order soloxine online one could rather effortlessly pose a legitimate argument that things are not what they seem, order soloxine online at least when it comes to “main stream media“. Order soloxine online I don’t think that’s a stretch, order soloxine online do you? Although I don’t watch tv, order soloxine online I’m an avid news junkie and get almost all of my information from various sources and news outlets on the internet. Order soloxine online Today I listened to some previous shows of a radio talk show host who I recently discovered. Order soloxine online The host has penned a number of books pertaining to JFK’s assassination, order soloxine online which are viewed controversial due to their conclusions as to who is, order soloxine online and was responsible for his murder. Order soloxine online Certainly in the world of conventional thought, order soloxine online they would not be deemed conventional. Order soloxine online However, order soloxine online in looking at what is considered conventional these days, order soloxine online I continue to find more logic in such writings. Order soloxine online Seems we are living in a time where truth has become increasingly controversial and more provocative. Order soloxine online The more I read and live and personally experience, order soloxine online the more I find that truth, order soloxine online more accurately defined as even “facts” seem to ignite more hostility and controversy than any Lochness tale could ever attempt to achieve. Order soloxine online I find this conclusion sad and yet I also realize that in the world of information gathering, order soloxine online the truth is a process and not necessarily a destination. Order soloxine online There are certainly the overall ‘truths’ of life and of nature - of cause and effect. Order soloxine online I have been on an information and/or truth quest for the past eight years, order soloxine online perhaps it has always been a part of who I am and what motivates me. Order soloxine online Perhaps that is why it is challenging living in a world, order soloxine online or a more specifically a societal culture where fantasy, order soloxine online illusion and distraction are continuously reaffirmed and reinforced in our daily lives. Order soloxine online And yet, order soloxine online I have found that fantasy cannot provide, order soloxine online certainly permanently, order soloxine online any lasting fulfillment and happiness because intuitively we know, order soloxine online irregardless of how much we desire to live apart from reality, order soloxine online that illusions never last. Order soloxine online They are temporary fixes, order soloxine online but the truth is always present, order soloxine online no matter how much we divorce ourselves from it. Order soloxine online No matter how much we divorce ourselves from it. Order soloxine online I’ve been trying to decide how to accurately describe my thoughts and feelings on so many things. Order soloxine online It has been quite a roller coaster the past few years. Order soloxine online I have also found that the “truth” continues to shift as I continue to listen and experience situations in my own life. Order soloxine online Perhaps I have also learned that just when I think I have all the answers, order soloxine online I realize I don’t have all the answers. Order soloxine online Returning to my premise of things not being what they seem. Order soloxine online I don’t think there is any better example of this than what is happening in Washington D.C. Order soloxine online Right now I’m listening to Democratic National Convention via public radio and I can’t help but be reminded of both the excitement I have felt in the past, order soloxine online supporting various candidates and listening with anticipation to such conventions to where I am now, order soloxine online after eight years viewing what I see as a gigantic corporate- engineered event designed to rally the masses and distract us from the specifics, order soloxine online and notwithstanding the fact that our votes are not adequately and fairly being counted. Order soloxine online Yet the overly trusting, order soloxine online hopeful masses ignore what I continue to see as a glaring reality. Order soloxine online It’s not all their fault, order soloxine online of course. Order soloxine online With a media held hostage, order soloxine online the truth is imprisoned as well. Order soloxine online Since 2000, order soloxine online we have as a nation experienced three national elections which have been rife with fraud (not simply towards Democrats, order soloxine online Republican candidates have been affected as well), order soloxine online and yet many Americans still play along with the charade, order soloxine online at their own peril it seems to me. Order soloxine online Does it serve any of us to play? Image verses reality. Order soloxine online Conformity versus authenticity. Order soloxine online And while some conformity is certainly necessary in any society, order soloxine online confirming myths and/or illusions is a whole other issue, order soloxine online is it not? How did we get here? How do those of us who see the discrepancies and the contradictions respond? I don’t have the answers tonight. Order soloxine online I don’t know. Order soloxine online For those who may find my thoughts condescending, order soloxine online overly cynical, order soloxine online or any other relevant adjective, order soloxine online I only hope you will consider that as I mentioned, order soloxine online the truth for us all is a process, order soloxine online and not a destination. Order soloxine online xoxo