Ovarian Stimulation

When I knew George Connie Shannon Life is interesting. Ovarian stimulation As a child I never dreamed of growing up and becoming an activist like I am today. Ovarian stimulation   It’s not something I pursued, ovarian stimulation as much as it was something which continuously and persistently demanded my energy and attention Because of such events like the election of 2000 and its controversial outcome, ovarian stimulation activism has become a significant part, ovarian stimulation if not the most significant part of my life. I’m not sure I realized when I first met George Bush that his presence would play such a pivotal and continuous role in my life I don’t think I consciously realized that rather indirect connection would create the pain and disconnection from my family as it has invited.  However, ovarian stimulation as fate would have it, ovarian stimulation my indirect relationship with George Bush has been a challenging and ever present one, ovarian stimulation which continues to this day. My mother's funeral and reception was November 8th 1992, ovarian stimulation which happened to be the day after George H.W. Ovarian stimulation Bush lost the presidential election to Bill Clinton. I wonder if my mother ever knew she happened to be a sixth cousin of the former president Bush.    She never mentioned it. Julia Elizabeth Leachman Shannon, ovarian stimulation otherwise known to most if us as  "Liz", ovarian stimulation had passed away four days prior, ovarian stimulation after being diagnosed with leukemia a few months earlier. Although my brothers and I were aware of the direction mother’s disorder could potentially take, ovarian stimulation I don’t think any of us realized she would go as quickly as she did. My mother had walked in the hospital a week before, ovarian stimulation and now she was gone. At the time, ovarian stimulation my oldest brother was working as the Texas State Chair of the Bush Presidential team during the time of my mom’s illness. Ovarian stimulation   Jim has been involved in politics for as long as I can remember and has worked for the Republican party and with the Bushes for years.       I first met George and Laura Bush when they came to lunch for Thanksgiving of 1991. I believe it was 1991.  Over time I have gotten the holidays mixed up.   They actually came over for a number of holiday get togethers. Ovarian stimulation   I remember  being somewhat nervous in meeting them. By this point in my life, ovarian stimulation I had already jumped the fence into Democratic territory. I assumed I would be marked with a Scarlet 'D' (democrat) and perhaps whisked back to the children‘s table, ovarian stimulation which I had been grateful to graduate from when my niece and nephews came along. Debbie made the decision to seat me at the adult table next to George. I remember liking him immediately.  He was funny, ovarian stimulation he was polite, ovarian stimulation he was charming and easy to talk with. Ovarian stimulation   Laura was always polite, ovarian stimulation gracious and less vocal than George, ovarian stimulation and after lunch I remember being really impressed them both. Ovarian stimulation   At the time they were living in Dallas  and I would see them pretty regularly. Ovarian stimulation   George and Laura had a lake house on the same property in East Texas as Jim and Debbie, ovarian stimulation and a lot of time was spent there on weekends. I would join them at the lake occasionally and I remember some fun times and good memories, ovarian stimulation especially out on the porch playing the guitar, ovarian stimulation and taking walks with Debbie and Laura. It was a pretty innocent time I guess you would say. However, ovarian stimulation political differences as they will, ovarian stimulation inevitably have a way of rearing their head. Ovarian stimulation   I remember the rather awkward situation that occurred on the day of my mother’s funeral.   Although I voted for George Bush Sr. Ovarian stimulation in his first run, ovarian stimulation I had been very disappointed and even disillusioned in his first term as president. The events of Anita Hill and Iran/Contra wil forever be imprinted in my mind as a young woman.  At the time, ovarian stimulation I had grown to like Bill Clinton as a candidate and before and during the time of my mother’s sickness, ovarian stimulation  was actively supporting him for president. At some point during his campaign, ovarian stimulation I decided to put a Clinton sticker on my car - a choice that not only was a difficult one to make living in the world I lived, ovarian stimulation it was a choice I concluded would displease my family. However I came to a rather over- belabored conclusion it was necessary to show a different opinion in the sea of conformity in which I swam. * The day of my mom’s funeral was an emotional one. Ovarian stimulation   I was grateful beyond words to have my high school friends at the house after the funeral to hang out with - to sit up in my mom’s room, ovarian stimulation tell 'Liz' stories  and to laugh with, ovarian stimulation as well as to allow me to cry and smoke cigarettes. My friends have always given me incredible support and love although we have gone on to live vastly different lives. Later that day I was downstairs talking to a friend of the families when my brother Jim pulled me aside. Ovarian stimulation   He informed me that George had seen the Clinton sticker on my car, ovarian stimulation (with the implication he was not happy).    I was caught off guard by Jim’s statement. I didn’t know how to respond really, ovarian stimulation except at that point in my life, ovarian stimulation in my usually over- apologetic way. At the time I remember feeling ashamed and even guilty, ovarian stimulation if that's the word.  In fairness to Jim, ovarian stimulation that was not the way he addressed it with me. Ovarian stimulation   He was very kind and I understand he probably felt it was his obligation to tell me. In looking back now, ovarian stimulation I am curious why someone would be compelled to address my brother about a bumper sticker on my car only a couple of hours after my mother's funeral. In short it was an awkward situation for a few of us and I remember how it made a very significant impact on that day for me. I understand with the timing how such a situation would create awkwardness for George to be reminded of a painful event that happened days earlier.  And while I understand the awkwardness and ill timing of a painful reminder, ovarian stimulation my support for Bill Clinton had never been a secret, ovarian stimulation nor was my party affiliation. In addition the timing that someone had apparently noticed the bumper sticker on my car at my mothers funeral reception could have been better timed as well. The reality was while his father had lost an election, ovarian stimulation and mind you, ovarian stimulation the presidency, ovarian stimulation I had lost my mother. Seven years earlier, ovarian stimulation when I was nineteen, ovarian stimulation I lost my father.   The impact of both parents being gone is hard to describe. I think it's the reality we're really on our own. After mother’s funeral, ovarian stimulation it was around a year before I spoke with George again, ovarian stimulation  probably due to the fact that I wasn’t too eager to spark another awkward encounter.    It was at a holiday get together, ovarian stimulation that an unexpected reconciliation occurred when George came up , ovarian stimulation put his arm around me and said “any baby sister of Jim's is a baby sister of mine”. His gesture was unexpected, ovarian stimulation and I didn’t have much of a reply, ovarian stimulation but I was relieved I was back in good standing. Ovarian stimulation   At least I hoped to be in good standing, ovarian stimulation which I attempted to be as much as possible. The few years after my mother’s death were an interesting time in Texas. George Bush decided to run against Ann Richards in 1994. Ovarian stimulation   Of course Bush won the 1994 election and became the Governor of Texas, ovarian stimulation and I can’t recall as much as I’d like, ovarian stimulation regarding his role as governor, ovarian stimulation due to the barrage of events that have occurred during his presidency.  I do remember however, ovarian stimulation the conflict I had, ovarian stimulation with what I saw as his performance as governor and what I had hoped to see. Ovarian stimulation   I didn’t see George and Laura as much after that. Ovarian stimulation   However I would still come down to the lake from time to time, ovarian stimulation and on one occasion George and Laura came over to the house for dinner and I was outside on the porch playing the guitar. Ovarian stimulation   Debbie walked outside with George following behind her.   She announced to me that ‘the Governor was here’. I looked up and said hey to George and kept playing my guitar.  Debbie stood there for a minute and then repeated, ovarian stimulation “Connie stand up, ovarian stimulation the governor is here”. Ovarian stimulation   I think I sat there for a second and then stood up.     I remember George looking at Debbie and awkwardly laughed a little.  In  looking back, ovarian stimulation it seemed from that point on, ovarian stimulation George’s governorship and positon(s) of power and formality became a gradual, ovarian stimulation more presiding reality. Although it was pleasant, ovarian stimulation the atmosphere was more formal the few times I saw George after that. It had always been formal in a sense, ovarian stimulation but now it was different. Distant, ovarian stimulation and more guarded. I remember another time at the lake the governor asking me how everything was on the 'liberal' end (whatever 'liberal' really even means). I remember politely replying I really didn’t know. But that's not true. I actually knew quite a bit.    At the time however, ovarian stimulation my remaining congenial was more of a priority than creating an uncomfortable or tense moment at the lake. In looking back, ovarian stimulation I am reminded every single day, ovarian stimulation that remaining congenial at the expense of the suffering, ovarian stimulation hardship, ovarian stimulation and wrongdoing of those who are innocent is a luxury that I, ovarian stimulation nor any of us can any longer afford.  As if we ever could.