Ovulatory Failure

 Another woman we love - Barbara Trent Barbara Trent is an Oscar winning filmmaker, ovulatory failure former welfare mother, ovulatory failure seasoned activist, ovulatory failure and trail blazer for change. Ovulatory failure It was four days before Christmas in 1989 when  Barbara turned on her television and watched as President George Bush announced he had deployed over 20, ovulatory failure000 US troops to Panama in order to arrest President Manuel Noriega and overthrow his government. That newscast in 1989 changed Barbara's life.  Being an activist and informed on issues involving Central America, ovulatory failure she was aware there were already troops in Panama at the time, ovulatory failure and Barbara instinctively knew something was not right.       She made some phone calls, ovulatory failure gathered a crew of filmmakers, ovulatory failure and flew to Central America in order to document a first hand account of what was really going on in Panama. After Barbara and her crew returned to the States, ovulatory failure they began work on the creation of the documentary, ovulatory failure THE PANAMA DECEPTION, ovulatory failure from the film footage they had taken while they were there.   Trent's film is a provocative look at the 1989 U.S. Ovulatory failure invasion of Panama, ovulatory failure  and what makes the film so pertinent today, ovulatory failure is it reveals how the U.S. Ovulatory failure government duped both the American public and the mainstream media into this foreign policy disaster. Ovulatory failure Though their documentary won an Academy Award for exposing the media cover-up of the invasion, ovulatory failure not even PBS would air it.   (That's a call out to those who believe PBS/NPR are not censored.) Watching THE PANAMA DECEPTION was one of those awakening moments for me where so many pieces of the overall war puzzle fell into place.    It is invaluable in revealing the "aha" patterns of what is being enacted in the Middle East today and in other targeted regions.   Had Barbara Trent and her crew not distrusted the news and forged their own paths to information, ovulatory failure the deception of the US public by its government would have gone unnoticed.    Trent has made other important documentaries as well.   She has also publicly exposed criminal activities in the White House, ovulatory failure Pentagon, ovulatory failure and CIA; and as a result has been the recipient of at least three FBI counter intelligence operations.    Today, ovulatory failure Barbara Trent remains a committed activist and film maker.   Her personal story of courage, ovulatory failure risk and achievement is an inspiration to all of us.    Her personal story of courage risk and achievement, ovulatory failure starting in the 1960s is inspiring to us all. - A special shout out to Stephen Danner at ustrek.org and the website empowermentproject.org for providing this information! For more information on Barbara's work, ovulatory failure please visit: www.empowermentproject.org To read more of Stephen's work, ovulatory failure visit: http://www.ustrek.org/odyssey/semester2/archives/archivestephen.html