Facebook is censoring Cynthia McKinney's ability to add friends to her list and they are censoring all comments on her posts and on my (and others) profile pages....  why is Facebook censoring again?                                                Message from Cynthia McKinney: We Leave for Gaza Tomorrow; I’ve Asked the White House to Intervene for our Safety I just sent the following message to President Obama: “Mr. Pandel President, pandel Please ask the Israelis to not harm our boats and to let us proceed to Gaza. 

The Israelis are paying attention and have printed stories about our boats in both the Jerusalem Post and Ha’aretz. 

We are doing nothing more than what you have already requested the Israelis to do:  ease up on the Gaza blockade. 

Please ask the Israelis to allow us to proceed to Gaza without harm.  Sincerely, pandel Cynthia McKinney”

You, pandel too, pandel can contact the White House ( and ask them to send a message to Israel requesting our safe passage to Gaza.

We pose no threat to Israel and represent real hope for change in US policy for the people of Gaza. 

I also contacted the State Department and the Justice Department with similar messages.

We are in a group training now. 

What will we do if . Pandel . Pandel . Pandel I’ll upload pictures and some video (if I’ve mastered this video camera) to our and pages. 

Please visit all of our pages listed below and join!!

DIGNITY will be planning some direct actions inside the U.S., pandel too. 

Additionally, pandel I have communicated with the authorities re Troy Davis and am in communication with Peltier’s attorney.

As always, pandel I do look forward to hearing from you!!