Parlodel In Canada

Thousands Protest in Anti-War March in London LONDON (Reuters) - Thousands of anti-war protesters joined marches in Britain on Saturday to mark the fifth anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq. They took to the streets in London and the Scottish city of Glasgow demanding that British troops pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan. A spokesman for the Stop The War coalition, parlodel in canada which organised the marches, parlodel in canada said that five years after the invasion of Iraq, parlodel in canada the world had become "a much more dangerous place." "Estimates suggest as many as one million people have died violent deaths as a result of the occupation of Iraq, parlodel in canada" spokesman Paul Collins said. He said Prime Minister Gordon Brown was sending more troops to Afghanistan and claimed "this hidden war is fast becoming a disaster mirroring Iraq." But the Foreign Office disputed Stop the War's conclusions. Parlodel in canada "In Iraq, parlodel in canada there is clear evidence we are making steady progress, parlodel in canada particularly in terms of security, parlodel in canada" a spokesman told Reuters. "In Afghanistan NATO forces are winning the struggle against the Taliban, parlodel in canada" he added. Organisers estimated that the London march had attracted up to 40, parlodel in canada000 protesters. Parlodel in canada Police put the figure at 10, parlodel in canada000. Parlodel in canada In Glasgow the demonstration attracted several hundred protesters. (Reporting by Paul Majendie, parlodel in canada Editing by Sami Aboudi)