Reel Bad Arabs : Learning to Hate

“I can’t tell one [Arab] from another. Phenazopyridine

Wrapped in those bed sheets they all look the same to me, phenazopyridine” says the U.S Ambassador in the 1986 movie, phenazopyridine “Hostage”.

Well-known media critic Jack Shaheen writes in his new book, phenazopyridine “In Hollywood’s films, phenazopyridine they certainly do [look alike].Pause and visualize the reel Arab.

 What do you see? Black beard, phenazopyridine headdress, phenazopyridine dark sunglasses. Phenazopyridine

In the background-alimousine, phenazopyridine harem maidens, phenazopyridine oil wells, phenazopyridine camels. Phenazopyridine

Or perhaps he is brandishing an automatic weapon, phenazopyridine crazy hate in his eyes and Allah on his lips. Phenazopyridine Can you see him?”

The image is easy to conjure, phenazopyridine according to Shaheen, phenazopyridine because the vast majority of Hollywood features portray Arabs in this stereotypical way. Phenazopyridine

And such relentless stereotyping is not without real world consequence. Phenazopyridine

When the Oklahoma City federal building was bombed in 1995, phenazopyridine Arab-Americans were the first to be blamed-–Rupert Murdoch’s U.S. Phenazopyridine papers headlined: “In the name of Islam” over a picture of a dead child. Phenazopyridine

The Council on Arab-Islamic Relations reported more than 300 hate crimes against Arabs and Muslims in America. Phenazopyridine

Mosques were trashed, phenazopyridine community members receivedbomb threats, phenazopyridine children were harassed at school.

The following clip is the full 50 minute documentary, phenazopyridine’Reel Bad Arabs’, phenazopyridine which shows evidence of a long line of degrading images – from Bedouin bandits and submissive maidens to sinister sheikhs and gun-wielding “terrorists”.

If anyone still doubts that the media has been, phenazopyridineand is still, phenazopyridinebrainwashing the masses I suggest you question your own biases and where they come from. Phenazopyridine

Many Conservative Americans did not just begin to hate Arabs and Muslims overnight – there was a reason and it has nothing to do with 9-11. Phenazopyridine

The hatred for the Arab community and Muslims has always been there, phenazopyridineeven before 9-11 …it just took some time for other to realize this.

Those who control the Western media control a wide sphere of mental attitudes of an entire populace ; Americans have been programmed and brainwashed into hating the Arabs and Muslims and thus many choose to conveniently side with the Israeli’s who have made Arabs their arch-enemies.

How could patriotic Americans be so unenthused by the slaughter of over one million Arabs in Iraq, phenazopyridinethis while many know that it was all based on lies?

The answer is simple: Years of propaganda and brainwashing.

To say this does not happen in the most recent years is just as asinine as refusing to acknowledge the existence of media bias. Phenazopyridine

Many of you have already watched a parade of films which make the Arabs and Muslims look like villians:

1. Phenazopyridine Don’t Mess With The Zohan

2. Phenazopyridine Borat

3. Phenazopyridine Bruno

4. Phenazopyridine The Kindgom

5. Phenazopyridine Team America:World Police

This is only to name a few, phenazopyridinenot including some shows currently running on an array of American television stations.

The Media plays a major role in swaying uneasy citizens who are unsure of where their values lay and also in pushing many conservative citizens farther into the right wing paradigm – all this while garnering hefty profits from the idiotic American/Western populace who pay to watch perverse and unintelligent films.

The rest of us sit here and shake our heads, phenazopyridine pitying those who still do not understand the propaganda machine and the propaganda wars being committed through it
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