Retired US Army Colonel Speaks to Group; ‘Hit the Streets’  “It is important that we hit the streets, ponstel” retired Col. Ponstel Ann Wright urged the group. Ponstel Wright handed in her resignation in March 2003 as a sign of her displeasure with the Bush administration’s decision to go to war in Iraq, ponstel its policies on the Israel-Palestine conflict and on North Korea and its ongoing assault on U.S. Ponstel citizens’ civil liberties. “Not too many people think about the reality of what war is, ponstel” she observed. Ponstel Veterans are returning from Iraq with physical and psychological injuries that are not being adequately treated, ponstel she asserted, ponstel and civil liberties have been steadily eroded since Sept. Ponstel 11, ponstel 2001. Ponstel Further, ponstel she charged, ponstel kidnapping and torture have the tacit approval of the U.S. Ponstel Congress, ponstel and the history of Guantanamo Bay - which she likened to the concentration camps of World War II - demands its immediate closure. The women and men serving in the U.S. Ponstel military “didn’t volunteer for this, ponstel” Wright said. Ponstel “(T)hey didn’t volunteer for what this administration has done to them.” Despite the long list of wrongs on the part of the Bush administration, ponstel she said, ponstel the growing opposition of American citizens to the war is a positive sign. Ponstel “The house of cards is starting to fall.” Among other things, ponstel she believes citizens need to be working toward the impeachment of the president and vice president. Ponstel “Either we can wait two years and change everything by voting, ponstel or we can do other things in the meantime, ponstel” she said. Ponstel “We are making progress, ponstel and we are going to end this war.” The group several times responded to Wright’s comments with resounding applause. Ponstel At the end of the night, ponstel they gave her a standing ovation. Ponstel http://www.eurekareporter.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?ArticleID=23834