Interesting article How to educate and motivate yourself - instead of getting medicated by Angelika (Angie) Stehle (NaturalNews) Sick and miserable again, provera you go to the doctor, provera and invariably you leave with a prescription of pharmaceutical medication and maybe the dire words that there is no other option: you`ll have to take the tablets for the rest of your life. Instead of handing over your personal responsibility and future to others though, provera your educational research initiative can allow fresh air in, provera which is superior over being passive and stuck with recommendations by well-meaning professionals of whom you don`t know the extent of their medical education and approach. Few doctors have been trained in nutrition or natural health. Provera Motivation is the next step; it`s the key to applying what you have thoroughly investigated and found to be beneficial. It moves you to action despite other people`s raised eyebrows and criticism as well as your own deeply ingrained habits. Motivation helps towards better health and the confidence that you`re genuinely doing the best that`s possible, provera given your personal circumstances. You may have looked up a few websites in your quest for relief from your chronic complaint, provera and you may already know that natural treatments are safer. When you bring up the subject with your well-meaning GP or specialist - oncologist consultant - however, provera s/he might be less than encouraging about your choice. Provera Consequently you yourself might start doubting the prospect of a positive outcome (other than relieving symptoms) when using natural medicine. That`s if you`ve allowed your research to leave any doubts in your mind. To make a wise health decision, provera first of all you need to be fully aware of the source of any and all information: 1) from the medical, provera pharmaceutical side of things; 2) from the well-educated, provera well-informed, provera well-researched natural health scene; 3) from the experienced or otherwise just anecdotal field of grass-root home remedies; 4) from the perhaps borderline supernatural area of energy healing, provera reiki, provera angels, provera and hypnotism etc.; or 5) from outright quacks. You`ll probably decide right here and now to what you wish to pre-limit yourself. Don`t be surprised, provera however, provera if you find opposing opinions on the Internet about everything. The more you research, provera though, provera the more you`ll recognise the ring of genuine medical truth. Take ample time, provera and analyse thoroughly. It`s your body, provera your health, provera your life, provera and your future. On an A4 paper write down what treatments, provera advantages, provera and disadvantages there are. You need to have an accurate knowledge of your choices and their consequences. Provera Then weigh up the pros and cons. Take for example, provera cancer treatments. The choices include chemotherapy, provera radiation therapy, provera operation, provera hormonal therapy, provera bowel detoxing, provera building up the immune system, provera a plant-based cancer diet, provera and going to a health institute for natural treatment, provera to mention just a few options. For answers, provera examine websites that shed light on the subject from different angles, provera and in normal, provera non-scientific English. Try also to recognise any side effects and risks, provera plus possible money agendas behind the options. The advertised goal is always to minimise pain and to maximise pleasure in life, provera but consider what you may have to sacrifice on the way. Once you have gathered your information, provera weighed up everything, provera and made an informed choice, provera you might see a need to make some serious lifestyle changes. With your motivation based on solid facts, provera you can direct your behaviour towards particular goals. The motivation from within will provide the increased energy you need for special efforts. Old habits die hard, provera but in order to change, provera reminders are invaluable. Provera So put notes on your fridge and in other appropriate places. And then just be consistent. You`re worth it. Original article can be found at: