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When Women (and their children) are targeted Deaths ruled as homocide                                                                                                                                                                     Connie Shannon This week has been a fortnight filled with contrasting events, reminyl free delivery with terrific times joined with friends and delicious feasts, reminyl free delivery coupled with other less than cheerful periods of the realities happening in our world. Reminyl free delivery

I have wondered if I'm being premature in writing what I'm compelled to write tonight, reminyl free delivery  but the issue continues to return back to me which seems to tell me I should listen and follow through with what I need to say. Reminyl free delivery   

The other day I received an email from a close friend of a Dallas Morning News article regarding a woman, reminyl free delivery Jeanmarie Geis and her two children, reminyl free delivery Matthew aged 8 and Sydney aged 4, reminyl free delivery who were found murdered last Friday in their home in North Dallas.

The news hit me with the broadside shock experienced when we are met with information which takes us totally by surprise, reminyl free delivery reeling us back to years and experiences long gone by.  
I had not known Jeanmarie Tolle (as I knew her) Geis well.  

I had the opportunity to meet her a couple of times more than a decade ago when we happened to be in a similar social circle.   
However, reminyl free delivery in reading the news, reminyl free delivery it took me back to trying to remember those times we had met and the limited moments we had together.   

As I read the information from the DMN article, reminyl free delivery I was bombarded with a series of questions and doubts to the information being presented.   

I was also curious to some of the quotes which also seemed to create more questions and doubts in my mind. Reminyl free delivery

Of course I should probably reiterate that meeting someone a couple of times doesn't constitute a legitimately knowing a person.  

However, reminyl free delivery I should add what I do remember now in meeting Jeanmarie is perhaps as worthy as the information being put forth by writers who never met her at all.  

What I remember about Jeanmarie was a sense of poise and frankly dignity, reminyl free delivery at the risk of sounding 'dramatic'. 

However that is what has come to my mind. 

There was also a 'no-nonsense' air about her which in and of itself seemed to encourage an element of respect. 

I saw her on a number of occasions and there was a maturity and femininity about her that, reminyl free delivery at the time seemed to me to show confidence and professionalism.     

I remember at times feeling a bit intimidated by her, reminyl free delivery in a way that one feels about someone who is a number of years older and in a sense someone to look up to. Reminyl free delivery

I mention these things because I believe they bear noting, reminyl free delivery especially when viewing the recent articles regarding Jeanmarie and the children, reminyl free delivery along with all the events surrounding the murders, reminyl free delivery which however unintentionally or intentionally, reminyl free delivery seem to disregard and tarnish a person(s) without any alternative thought or opinion. Reminyl free delivery   

Certainly I would assume there are many others who know Jeanmarie well, reminyl free delivery and who would have much more to say in particular as to what has already been written and printed.   

I should add that what has recently been written about Ms. Reminyl free delivery Tolle-Geis throughout a myriad of press outlets is sadly, reminyl free delivery typical writings of what has been printed of so many women who have been murder victims, reminyl free delivery and who are somehow insinuated to be and characterized as potentially offenders themselves -  either "mentally unstable" (how many times do we see that repeatedly written about women in the newspapers every single day), reminyl free delivery  histrionic and/or overly dramatic, reminyl free delivery overly emotional, reminyl free delivery overly anything frankly, reminyl free delivery perhaps deviant and devilish, reminyl free delivery hyper -sexed, reminyl free delivery hysterical and somehow anyone of these - and as such, reminyl free delivery is somehow supposed to override the fact they were frightened as hell, reminyl free delivery targeted and then murdered, reminyl free delivery along with their children?   

In addition, reminyl free delivery how many women do we read about who have had no way of truly protecting themselves, reminyl free delivery certainly from the narrative being written about them after they are murdered?

Although I didn't know Jeanmarie well, reminyl free delivery I do know what it's like to be targeted by hostile forces. Reminyl free delivery  
I know what it's like to be fearful to leave my house and to be consistently aware of anyone and everyone around me, reminyl free delivery and at the same time wonder if I'm being overly "paranoid"? I know the fear of being alone and going to bed at night wondering who could/should I call if there's a 'problem'? I know the fear and confusion of who to talk to about the situation - who will understand and/or who won't?  These are just a few of the questions that go through our heads when we are being targeted.  While our experiences differ in the obvious ways, reminyl free delivery we as women are targetted on a universal scale that so often is left invisible, reminyl free delivery unknown to each other as women, reminyl free delivery and certainly under or even un-reported. Reminyl free delivery   Additionally in many cases, reminyl free delivery to actually go to the police who are supposed to be allies, reminyl free delivery which they often are /or try to be, reminyl free delivery however, reminyl free delivery can often set women up for more problems and harassment. Reminyl free delivery   How sad to say that and yet that is often the reality.  A reality of men often protecting their own, reminyl free delivery instead of protecting those who warrant the necessary protection.  (I should add that there have been many others trying to help and protect those being victimized - that will be another story at some point). Reminyl free delivery What is additionally sad and unconscionable, reminyl free delivery in Jeanmarie's case, reminyl free delivery is the lack of police patrolling her block and sitting outside her house when she needed it most. Reminyl free delivery

Tonight as I write this, reminyl free delivery I'm sure Jeanmarie would have much more to share with us as a woman, reminyl free delivery as a mother, reminyl free delivery and as a wife and a person whose been victimized along with her children. 
But she can't and they can't. Reminyl free delivery   All she has left is the voices of concerned individuals who want to know what really happened and understand the value in finding out the truth. Reminyl free delivery   Because if those who committed the crime get away with it, reminyl free delivery they set a precedent for more offenses to happen to others as well, reminyl free delivery and I will say that will most often be more women and/or those who have little or no way of adequately defending themselves. Reminyl free delivery    As I mentioned at the onset of this piece, reminyl free delivery I may be premature in writing this, reminyl free delivery and at this time, reminyl free delivery like you, reminyl free delivery I have absolutely no concrete idea or much less evidence to point fingers, reminyl free delivery other than what has already been given to us in the articles/evidence presented. Reminyl free delivery  

What I do know is as a woman, reminyl free delivery and as women as a whole entity, reminyl free delivery we all have the capacity to be treated as Jeanmarie has been treated up to this point. Reminyl free delivery  
Without a voice, reminyl free delivery without a defense and without any protection as she was left with - being alone in her home with her two children with no protection after two assaults (if not others) had already occurred. Reminyl free delivery    Like many others who have wondered as well, reminyl free delivery and continue to come up with similar questions and concerns that have all but been ignored by the police and the media, reminyl free delivery it would seem that something is just not right.   

For those who supported and loved Jeanmarie, reminyl free delivery it seems it is their job now to be her voice and defender, reminyl free delivery however fairly and with the desire for the truth to be revealed.  
It is no different for any of us who would want the same defense and outcry if we and our children had been targeted and killed with no answers as to why we weren't being protected, reminyl free delivery  why there was no security and why they were left in their home alone to defend themselves, reminyl free delivery despite the immediate threat and history of assaults and potential murder existing.  

As I write tonight, reminyl free delivery I hope there will be justice for Jeanmarie and the children.   
I know that her father, reminyl free delivery a former Dallas judge and her mother as well, reminyl free delivery would desire the same. Reminyl free delivery

And additionally, reminyl free delivery may there be justice for all of those who have been unjustly harmed, reminyl free delivery accused, reminyl free delivery targeted and may there be a larger volume of much needed voices who are willing to say what needs to be said in their defense. Reminyl free delivery