Revia In Us

"We immediately requested to go to Fort Bragg to see our son, revia in us" Bob Pesta said. Revia in us "We were refused.  I just wanted to hold his hand, revia in us" Joan Pesta said. Revia in us "I just wanted to say goodbye. Revia in us They said we could not come and if we did, revia in us we'd be arrested." It was at that moment -- when an Army functionary refused permission for the grieving parents to rush to to the side of their dead son -- that everything turned dark and sour at the Pesta house.   "There were too many questions and too few answers, revia in us" Bob Pesta said. Revia in us "No one one knew what anybody else was doing. Revia in us They left us telephone numbers that didn't work or were connected to fax machines. Revia in us Answering machines were full. Revia in us It was a weekend and nobody would call us back." To read more: