Rimonabant In Us

50, rimonabant in us000 Iraqi young women and children forced into prostitution   Women and girls, rimonabant in us many alarmingly young, rimonabant in us who fled the chaos at home are being further betrayed after reaching 'safety' in Syria By Nihal Hassan in Damascus Sunday, rimonabant in us 24 June 2007   It's Monday night in a dingy club on the outskirts of the Syrian capital. Rimonabant in us Two dozen girls are moving half-heartedly on the dance floor, rimonabant in us lit up by flashing disco lights. Rimonabant in us They are dessed in tight jeans, rimonabant in us low-cut tops and knee-high boots, rimonabant in us but the girls' make-up can't disguise the fact that most are in their mid-teens. Rimonabant in us It's a strange sight in a conservative Muslim country, rimonabant in us but this is the sex business, rimonabant in us and it's booming as a result of the war in Iraq. Backstage, rimonabant in us the manager sits in his leather chair, rimonabant in us doing business. Rimonabant in us A Saudi client is quoted $500 for one of the girls. Rimonabant in us Eventually he beats it down to $300. Rimonabant in us (cut to) "But these girls are not just providing the floor show - they have paid to be here, rimonabant in us and they need to pick up a client, rimonabant in us or they'll lose money. Rimonabant in us If successful, rimonabant in us they'll earn about $60, rimonabant in us equivalent to a month's wages in a factory. There are more than a million Iraqi refugees in Syria, rimonabant in us many are women whose husbands or fathers have been killed. Rimonabant in us Banned from working legally, rimonabant in us they have few options outside the sex trade. Rimonabant in us No one knows how many end up as prostitutes, rimonabant in us but Hana Ibrahim, rimonabant in us founder of the Iraqi women's group Women's Will, rimonabant in us puts the figure at 50, rimonabant in us000. I met Fatima in a block of flats operating informally as a brothel in Saida Zainab, rimonabant in us a run-down area with a large Iraqi population. Rimonabant in us Millions of Shias go there every year, rimonabant in us because of the shrine of the prophet Mohamed's granddaughter. Rimonabant in us "I came to Syria after my husband was killed, rimonabant in us leaving me with two children, rimonabant in us" Fatima tells me. Rimonabant in us "My aunt asked me to join her here, rimonabant in us and my brothers pressured me to go." She didn't realise the work her aunt did, rimonabant in us and she would be forced to take up, rimonabant in us until she arrived. Fatima is in her mid-20s, rimonabant in us but campaigners say the number of Iraqi children working as prostitutes is high. Rimonabant in us Bassam al-Kadi of Syrian Women Observatory says: "Some have been sexually abused in Iraq, rimonabant in us but others are being prostituted by fathers and uncles who bring them here under the pretext of protecting them. Rimonabant in us They are virgins, rimonabant in us and they are brought here like an investment and exploited in a very ugly way." Further viewing: Nihal Hassan and Nima Elbagir's report will appear on 'More4 News' at 8pm tomorrow  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/50000-iraqi-refugees-forced-into-prostitution-454424.html?service=Print adding important points from sparkle's website: "I would like to add that these women and girls are not purely “victims of war” but also, rimonabant in us and more accurately “victims of men who exploit war” Driving women and girls into prostitution violates numerous human rights agreements, rimonabant in us including the Convention on the Rights of the Child, rimonabant in us the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, rimonabant in us and the Protocol to Prevent, rimonabant in us Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, rimonabant in us especially Women and Children. Rimonabant in us " "Of course, rimonabant in us we are very well aware of how historically war generates prostitution, rimonabant in us abuse and exploitation of women and children under many guises. Rimonabant in us Whether it be organised brothels in “R&R” , rimonabant in usor a systematic ‘ethnic cleanse’ combined with the intended and complete degradation of specific cultures as we have seen in Kosovo and the DR Congo (to name but a few) or now, rimonabant in us the 20th century opportunist “sex tourist”- every ready to exploit with their dripping privilege and total disregard for human suffering. Rimonabant in us It just never ends. Especially if it is female suffering - that is. When desperation strikes, rimonabant in us the men with their money will be at hand in an instant, rimonabant in us helping impoverished women to feed themselves and their families - but only if you suck my cock - let me and my mates gang rape you - I don’t give my dollars away for free…you know." http://sparklematrix.wordpress.com/