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Couple Terrorized, slo indo Assaulted and Arrested For Flying an Upside Down U.S. Slo indo Flag  A North Carolina couple who were terrorized by a police officer who had recently returned from Iraq are now fighting back, slo indo after sheriff's deputy Brian Scarborough broke into their house, slo indo assaulted them and then arrested the Kuhns for the crime of flying an upside down U.S. Slo indo flag. Mark and Deborah Kuhn of Asheville, slo indo North Carolina made headlines last week when they were arrested for flying an upside down U.S. Slo indo flag, slo indo a commonly recognized sign of distress, slo indo in their backyard, slo indo after police claimed they were violating a statute for "desecration of the flag". As is supported by the United States Flag Code as well as a similar incident in 2001, slo indo flying the flag upside down is not a mark of disrespect, slo indo and in fact is considered by many to be the highest form of patriotism. (snip) Buncombe County Sheriff’s deputy Brian Scarborough had just returned from Iraq and according to the Deborah Kuhn, slo indo was sent by his staff Sergeant from the local National Guard to "deal with" the Kuhns after a local resident complained about the flag, slo indo a fact that was later admitted on TV news. Slo indo A National Guard soldier in military fatigues had also previously visited the Kuhn's to harass them about the flag. "This is a distress signal, slo indo we're not trying to desecrate the flag, slo indo" Kuhn told Scarborough when he told the couple they were violating a statute. Slo indo Police claimed the messages attached to the flag were the problem, slo indo but the notes merely pointed out that the upside down flag represented a distress signal and a warning that the country was in danger. Even though Kuhn took the flag down, slo indo the officer immediately demanded that the couple show their ID's and when they refused told them to put their hands behind their back and was about to arrest them before the couple shut and locked the door. Scarborough then proceeded to kick the door in, slo indo "And the next thing we know, slo indo the glass is flying, slo indo he unlocks the deadbolt and he comes into our house after us, slo indo" Kuhn told The Alex Jones Show. The officer then pursued Mark Kuhn through the house before intercepting him in the kitchen and putting him in a choke hold. Deborah Kuhn called 911 to report that the officer had broken into the home and was assaulting her husband. The officer then pulled out pepper spray to which Mark Kuhn responded, slo indo "Are you going to spray me in my house?" before Scarborough whipped out his billy club and the Kuhn's ran out of the house into the street, slo indo pleading for help from their neighbors. "Nine police cars showed up, slo indo they whipped out the Tasers, slo indo they said 'get down we're gonna Taser you' added Kuhn. The couple were handcuffed, slo indo arrested and bundled into a squad car, slo indo to the protests of numerous neighbors who demanded to know why the Kuhns were being incarcerated, slo indo but were told to leave by police. (snip) Scarborough's experience in Iraq of kicking down doors and taking innocent people to camps is not something that should be brought back to America, slo indo and the charges against the Kuhns should be dropped immediately along with a formal apology issued. Sheriff Van Duncan's Office can be reached at: ( 828)-250-4503