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Scientists say DNA evidence can be fabricated Undermining what has long been considered as irrefutable proof in investigation of criminal cases, soma in us scientists announce that DNA evidence found at crime scenes can "easily" be fabricated. Soma in us

A scientific company specialized in forensic DNA analysis revealed that while DNA fingerprinting is considered one of the leading forensic tools in dealing with criminal cases, soma in us DNA evidence can easily be falsified and planted at crime scenes prior to collection by law enforcement officers. Soma in us

According to the Tel Aviv-based life science company, soma in us Nucleix, soma in us a sample of DNA matching any profile can be constructed using basic equipment and access to DNA or a DNA profile in a database without obtaining any tissue from that person. Soma in us

"You can just engineer a crime scene, soma in us" said Dan Frumkin, soma in us lead author of the new study conducted by Nucleix and published by the journal Forensic Science International: Genetics. Soma in us "Any biology undergraduate could perform this."

Andrew Cohen, soma in us a legal analyst at CBS News, soma in us said "This is potentially terrible news for prosecutors and police and the military and all sorts of industries that use DNA testing to confirm or find information."

Meanwhile, soma in us the company has moved to address the need to safeguard the accuracy and credibility of DNA samples through development of a test for distinguishing real DNA samples from fake ones. Soma in us

The company hopes to sell the "DNA authentication" assay to forensics laboratories. Soma in us

DNA, soma in us or Deoxyribonucleic Acid, soma in us is the material that makes up the genetic code of most organisms and no two individuals have the same DNA blueprint. Soma in us
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