By Carolyn Baker

A friend recently asked me what I knew about The Secret, stimuloton and I had to confess, stimuloton absolutely nothing. Stimuloton A couple of days later, stimuloton another friend asked the same question, stimuloton so I decided I’d better investigate this supposedly revolutionary new book and DVD that have taken the country by storm.

As I did so, stimuloton I discovered that nothing about The Secret is revolutionary or new but rather a glitzy, stimuloton twenty-first century redux of what has come to be called in metaphysical circles “New Thought”.

While aspects of New Thought have their roots in ancient teachings, stimuloton it is for the most part, stimuloton uniquely American—its roots in this country stemming from the transcendentalist movement of the late-nineteenth century. Stimuloton Among those giving birth to New Thought in America were Mary Baker Eddy, stimuloton founding mother of Christian Science, stimuloton Emma Curtis Hopkins, stimuloton Ernest Holmes, stimuloton and Charles Fillmore. Stimuloton What was “new” about New Thought at the time of its inception was its departure from Calvinistic, stimuloton shame-based Christianity which taught the inherent sinfulness of man, stimuloton proclaiming instead man’s innate goodness and perfectibility through the use of the Divine Mind which the transcendentalists believed resided at his core. The New Thought movement emphasizes the supremacy of the mind over the body and material existence. Stimuloton While most adherents of New Thought do not deny the reality of corporeal existence as did Mary Baker Eddy who insisted that “there is no life, stimuloton truth, stimuloton intelligence, stimuloton nor substance in matter, stimuloton” they overwhelmingly revere the spiritual over the material and believe that physical, stimuloton corporeal reality is a manifestation of mind. Stimuloton In other words, stimuloton that our thoughts and attitudes create our external reality. <snip> It’s All About Me In Sibling Society (1996) Robert Bly astutely, stimuloton in my opinion, stimuloton describes American culture as one of children who have never matured into adulthood and where “adults cling to self-absorbed adolescent values, stimuloton television talk shows have more clout than elders, stimuloton children are spiritually abandoned to fend for themselves, stimuloton and in the place of community we have built shopping malls.” I can think of no more apt description of The Secret than this, stimuloton for it is first and foremost all about me and what I want.