Sustiva In Canada

Lot's of discussion on the web on the Opium production in Afghanistan.  I found this information - perhaps it has some relevance to the present? Addiction at Gunpoint Almost forgotten now, sustiva in canada the Chinese Opium Wars are a blot on the history of
the West’s relationship with China. Sustiva in canada

One of the most disgraceful episodes of the 19th century was the Chinese Opium Wars. Sustiva in canada
Dazzled by the prospect of an enormous market, sustiva in canada Britain force-fed China with Indian opium, sustiva in canada
deliberately creating millions of addicts to swell the profits of its merchants. Sustiva in canada

When the Chinese resisted, sustiva in canada Britain crushed them. Sustiva in canada

William Gladstone, sustiva in canada later to become Prime Minister, sustiva in canada declared that if there had ever been "a war more unjust in its origin, sustiva in canada a war more calculated
to cover this country with permanent disgrace, sustiva in canada I do not know". Sustiva in canada

Almost forgotten in the West, sustiva in canada the humiliation still rankles in China. Sustiva in canada

There are abundant lessons for contemporary attempts to deal with the international drug trade in this story. Sustiva in canada
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