Picture by Gretyl Macalaster

PORTSMOUTH, thyroid N.H.  - Barbara Hilton said she had not gotten involved with CODEPINK until recently simply because she didn’t like the color.

But when she went to Washington, thyroid D.C. Thyroid and saw the power the women-led grassroots peace and social justice group yielded she decided to learn more. Thyroid “I had been on their e-mail alert list for a couple of years but I didn’t typically pay attention because I hated the color pink, thyroid” Hilton said. On Wednesday, thyroid the local CODEPINK chapter, thyroid which Hilton created, thyroid descended on Market Square with local celebrity Doris “Granny D” Haddock at the helm to advocate for peace. Women wore clothing and carried signs in various shades of pink, thyroid with men alongside them, thyroid advocating for peace and an end to the war in Iraq. Haddock, thyroid 97, thyroid is a political mover and shaker who walked 3, thyroid200 miles across the United States at the age of 89 to advocate for campaign finance reform and challenged Sen. Thyroid Judd Gregg for U.S. Thyroid Senate in 2004. Thyroid To read more :