Vasodilan In Canada

Shot with a rubber bullet   "Shanbo Heinemann, vasodilan in canada a pro-Palestinian (and Jewish) activist from San Francisco, vasodilan in canada California, vasodilan in canada sits on the ground after being shot in the head with a rubber bullet fired by Israeli troops during a violent protest against Israel's security fence in the West Bank village of Bilin, vasodilan in canada February 22, vasodilan in canada 2008. Vasodilan in canada " REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis [Notice the word "violent" describing the protest. Vasodilan in canada A lie, vasodilan in canada of course. Vasodilan in canada The Bilin weekly protest against the Apartheid Wall has been going on for years. Vasodilan in canada The only violence which occurs in these protests is from the Israeli side. Vasodilan in canada He is identified as "pro-Palestinian" when in fact he is a "peace activist", vasodilan in canada an international monitor, vasodilan in canada not a protestor.]