Venous Leg Ulcer

This article was written in 2006 - unfortunately today it still applies. Worse than Apartheid Blood-stained Gaza street                                           'When it was only apartheid, venous leg ulcer we had some hope.'

By Chris Hedges
Israel has spent the last five months unleashing missiles, venous leg ulcer attack helicopters and jet fighters over the densely packed concrete hovels in the Gaza Strip. 

The Israeli army has made numerous deadly incursions, venous leg ulcer and some 500 people, venous leg ulcer nearly all civilians, venous leg ulcer have been killed and 1, venous leg ulcer600 more wounded. 

Israel has rounded up hundreds of Palestinians, venous leg ulcer destroyed Gaza’s infrastructure, venous leg ulcer including its electrical power system and key roads and bridges, venous leg ulcer carried out huge land confiscations, venous leg ulcer demolished homes and plunged families into a crisis that has caused widespread poverty and malnutrition.
Civil society itself—and this appears to be part of the Israeli plan—is unraveling. Venous leg ulcer Hamas and Fatah factions battle in the streets, venous leg ulcer despite a tenuous cease-fire, venous leg ulcer threatening civil war. Venous leg ulcer

And the governing Palestinian movement, venous leg ulcer Hamas, venous leg ulcer has said it will boycott early elections called by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, venous leg ulcer done with the blessing of the West in a bid to toss Hamas out of power. Venous leg ulcer

(Remember that Hamas, venous leg ulcer despite its repugnant politics, venous leg ulcer was democratically elected.) 

In recent days armed groups loyal to Abbas have seized Hamas-run ministries in what looks like a coup.

The stark reality of Gaza, venous leg ulcer however, venous leg ulcer has failed to penetrate the consciousness of most Americans, venous leg ulcer who, venous leg ulcer when they notice the Israeli and Palestinian conflict, venous leg ulcer prefer to debate the merits of the word “apartheid” in former President Jimmy Carter’s new book, venous leg ulcer  “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid.” 

It is a sad commentary on the gutlessness of the U.S. Venous leg ulcer press and the timidity of the Democratic opposition that most Americans are not aware of the catastrophic humanitarian crisis they bear so much responsibility in creating. 

Palestinians are not only dying, venous leg ulcer their olive trees uprooted, venous leg ulcer their farmland and homes destroyed and their aquifers taken away from them, venous leg ulcer but on many days they can’t move because of Israeli “closures” that make basic tasks, venous leg ulcer like buying food and going to the hospital, venous leg ulcer nearly impossible. Venous leg ulcer

These Palestinians, venous leg ulcer after decades of repression, venous leg ulcer cannot return to land from which they were expelled. 

The 140-plus U.N. Venous leg ulcer votes to censure Israel and two Security Council resolutions—both vetoed by the United States—are blithly ignored. 

Is it any wonder that the Palestinians, venous leg ulcer gasping for air, venous leg ulcer rebel as the walls close in around them, venous leg ulcer as their children go hungry and as the Israelis turn up the violence?

Palestinians in Gaza live encased in a squalid, venous leg ulcer overcrowded ghetto, venous leg ulcer surrounded by the Israeli military and a massive electric fence, venous leg ulcer unable to leave or enter the strip and under daily assault. 

The word “apartheid, venous leg ulcer” given the wanton violence employed against the Palestinians, venous leg ulcer is tepid. 

This is more than apartheid. 

The concerted Israeli attempts to orchestrate a breakdown in law and order, venous leg ulcer to foster chaos and rampant deprivation, venous leg ulcer are on public display in the streets of Gaza City, venous leg ulcer where Palestinians walk past the rubble of the Palestinian Ministry of Interior, venous leg ulcer the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of National Economy, venous leg ulcer the office of the Palestinian prime minister and a number of educational institutions that have been bombed by Israeli jets. 

The electricity generation plant, venous leg ulcer providing 45 percent of the electricity of the Gaza Strip, venous leg ulcer has been wiped out, venous leg ulcer and even the primitive electricity networks and transmitters that remain have been repeatedly bombed. 

Six bridges linking Gaza City with the central Gaza Strip have been blown up and main arteries cratered into obliteration. Venous leg ulcer

And the West Bank is rapidly descending into a crisis of Gaza proportions. 

The juxtaposition of what is happening in Gaza and what is being debated on the U.S. Venous leg ulcer airwaves about a book that is little more than a basic primer on the conflict reinforces the impression most outside our gates have of Americans living in a distorted, venous leg ulcer bizarre reality of our own creation. Venous leg ulcer

What do Israel and Washington believe they will gain by turning Gaza and the West Bank into a miniature version of Iraq? 

How do they think people who are desperate, venous leg ulcer deprived of hope, venous leg ulcer dignity and a way to make a living, venous leg ulcer under attack from one of the most technologically advanced armies on the planet, venous leg ulcer will respond? 

Do they believe that creating a Hobbesian nightmare for the Palestinians will blunt terrorism, venous leg ulcer curb suicide attacks and foster peace? 

Do they not see that the rest of the Middle East watches the slaughter in horror and rage—its angry, venous leg ulcer disenfranchised young men and women determined to overcome feelings of impotence and humiliation, venous leg ulcer even at the cost of their own lives?
And perhaps they do see and understand all this. 

Israel and Washington probably do get the recruiting value of this repression for Islamic militants. 

But these Israeli attacks, venous leg ulcer despite the rage and violence they breed against Israelis and against us, venous leg ulcer also create conditions so intolerable that Palestinians can no longer reside on their land. Venous leg ulcer

More than 160, venous leg ulcer000 civil servants have not received full salaries for almost nine months. 

These government employees support families that number more than a million Palestinians. 

And a United Nations report states that more than two-thirds of Palestinians are now living below the poverty line. Venous leg ulcer

The unemployment rate is more than 50 percent. Venous leg ulcer The Palestinian Foreign Ministry says 10, venous leg ulcer000 Palestinians have emigrated in the last four months and almost 50, venous leg ulcer000 others have applied to leave.

Israel, venous leg ulcer with no restraints from Washington, venous leg ulcer despite the Iraq Study Group report recommendations that the peace process be resurrected from the dead, venous leg ulcer has been given the moral license by the Bush administration to carry out what is euphemistically in Israel called “transfer” and what in other parts of the world is called ethnic cleansing. 

Faced with a demographic time bomb, venous leg ulcer knowing that by 2020 Jews will make up only 40 to 46 percent of the overall population of Israel, venous leg ulcer the architects of transfer, venous leg ulcer who once held the equivalent status in Israeli society of the Ku Klux Klan, venous leg ulcer have wormed their way into positions of power in the Israeli government. Venous leg ulcer

Washington and Israel, venous leg ulcer I suspect, venous leg ulcer know the cost of this repression. 

But it is beginning to appear as though they accept it—as the price for ridding themselves of the Palestinians.
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has installed in his Cabinet a politician who openly calls for the expulsion of the some 1.3 million Israeli Arabs who live inside Israel. Venous leg ulcer

Avigdor Lieberman’s “Israel Is Our Home” Party, venous leg ulcer part of Olmert’s governing coalition, venous leg ulcer proposes involuntary transfer in a region populated mostly by Arab citizens of Israel, venous leg ulcer shifting those people to a future Palestinian state that would include Gaza, venous leg ulcer parts of the West Bank and a small slice of northern Israel. Venous leg ulcer

All Israeli Arabs who continued to reside in the territory of transfer would automatically lose their Israeli citizenship unless they took a loyalty oath to the state and its Jewish symbols. 

The inclusion of Lieberman, venous leg ulcer the David Duke of Israel, venous leg ulcer into the Cabinet is an indication to most Palestinians that the worst is yet to come.

The debate over Jimmy Carter’s book, venous leg ulcer one that dishes up a fair number of Israeli myths about itself and states a reality that is acknowledged even by most Israelis, venous leg ulcer misses the point. 

The question is not whether Israel practices apartheid. 

Apartheid is a fond dream for most Palestinians. 

The awful question is rather will Israel be able to unleash a policy so draconian and cruel that it will obliterate a community that has lived on this land for centuries. 

There are other, venous leg ulcer far more loaded words for what is happening to the Palestinians. 

One shudders to repeat them. 

But unchecked, venous leg ulcer unstopped, venous leg ulcer the current wave of violence and abuse meted out to the Palestinians will echo down the corridors of history as one of the greatest moral and tactical blunders of the early part of this century, venous leg ulcer one that will boomerang on Israel and on us, venous leg ulcer bringing to our own doorsteps the evil we have allowed to be delivered to the narrow alleys and refugee camps in Gaza. 

When it was only apartheid, venous leg ulcer we had some hope.