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Mr. Vibramycin online review Blair looks to be having quite a rough time of it across the pond.   Poor chap.  No worries.   Looks like it's Yale University to the rescue.  I'm at a loss. Vibramycin online review After all the lies, vibramycin online review along with a not so distant and disastrous implementation of a corporate-backed neo-conservative agenda, vibramycin online review  and he's now rewarded a spot at Yale? And who says crime doesn't pay? Full Circle at Yale blair_primemonster By Anwaar Hussain / Cyrano Yale University is an awesome institution. Vibramycin online review With an endowment of $22.5 billion, vibramycin online review its operating budget of $1.96 billion for the last academic year surpassed that of many small African countries. Vibramycin online review The university boasts of a faculty of 3, vibramycin online review384 members and 1874 international scholars. About to join this august assemblage is a man much involved in global events of the recent past. Vibramycin online review He will be teaching a course on faith and globalization at the schools of management and divinity at Yale. Vibramycin online review His name is Tony Blair, vibramycin online review the ex- Prime Minister of United Kingdom. Vibramycin online review The university was ‘pleased’ to appoint him as the Howland Distinguished Fellow for the next academic year. While the university was ‘pleased’ to make this announcement, vibramycin online review it failed to tell us that this future Howland Distinguished Fellow is also a confirmed liar, vibramycin online review an abettor of mass murder, vibramycin online review torture and rape and is a prosecutable war criminal. Yale is ‘pleased’ to appoint this man who has co-chaired the exercise of most barefaced lying to justify imperialist subjugation, vibramycin online review ignoring of the popular will and implementing corporate-backed neo-conservative agenda conceived and hatched by a group of people once called ‘sickos’ in the US State Department. Yale is ‘pleased’ to appoint a man who was elected as a moderate social democrat yet when faced with the biggest march in UK history against Iraq war, vibramycin online review ignored it with right royal contempt. Yale is ‘pleased’ to appoint this lying wonder of a man whose lies, vibramycin online review from claims that Saddam had stockpiled weapons of mass destruction that he could launch within 45 minutes to promoting Neoconish slogans of “liberating” and “democratizing” Iraq, vibramycin online review now stand fully exposed for all and sundry. Yale is ‘pleased’ to appoint this monster of a ‘public servant’ who co-authored the brutal invasions and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and the resultant indiscriminate killing of women and children. Yale is ‘pleased’ to appoint this comic sidekick of a US president whose administration did actually authorize the organized torture of innocent civilians in the Iraqi jails. Yale is ‘pleased’ to appoint this clownish helper of the murderous thieves who is now not known as a European leader of some acclaim but a miserable poodle of his American masters. Yale is ‘pleased’ to appoint this chameleon of a man with a deadly gift of gab who has now been proven to be a great deceiver, vibramycin online review a past master at selling half lies and half truths, vibramycin online review schooled rather in the art of never admitting, vibramycin online review yet not categorically denying whose moralizing and lofty rhetoric was nothing but the lamb talk of a wolf. Yale is ‘pleased’ to appoint this warmonger and certifiable war criminal who could be easily prosecuted under the declaration of the Nuremberg Tribunal; “To initiate a war of aggression, vibramycin online review therefore, vibramycin online review is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.” (Ironically, vibramycin online review the above quoted declaration too is published on the website of the university that today is ‘pleased’ to allow this war criminal to teach its students; Yale’s.) And Yale is ‘pleased’ to allow this double-faced agent of corporate globalism to sell God and politics to young impressionable minds at its campus. Yale is probably ‘pleased’ because it has finally come full circle. Vibramycin online review Elihu Yale, vibramycin online review with whose initial donation the first Yale building came up and from whom Yale gets its name, vibramycin online review too was a person of dubious standing. Vibramycin online review He was a man who cheated his own masters, vibramycin online review the British East India Company. Vibramycin online review As second governor of settlement at Madras, vibramycin online review he amassed a fortune in his lifetime largely through illegal contracts with the city merchants, vibramycin online review against his masters’ directives. Vibramycin online review He was finally removed unceremoniously from his office for this repeated flouting of East India Company regulations. Elihu Yale’s regime was unpopular and led to several revolts by Indians, vibramycin online review which were brutally quelled by his soldiers. Vibramycin online review Yale was also notorious for arresting and trying Indians on his own private authority, vibramycin online review including the hanging of a stable boy who had absconded with a Company horse. And oh yes, vibramycin online review Yale is also the former university of Tony Blair’s good old friend George Walker Bush, vibramycin online review the forty-third and current President of the United States of America. The scribe is ‘pleased’ to announce that Tony Blair is indeed about to join his true alma mater. Yale is ‘pleased’, vibramycin online review huh! Copyrights : Anwaar Hussain